What’s been going on

Hey, hey!! Happy Tuesday from my home to yours! 🙂  Today, I am just sharing a little bit of what has been going on around here!

The sunsets have been gorgeous these days!  A fall sunset in Texas is just the best. 🙂


The younger two had their fun run this week, and I loved watching them have a blast with their friends!IMG_2528IMG_2529

What’s going on?  I am just a mama who is working and making sure my family is moving in the right general direction every day. ha! :). This includes all the grocery trips and workout clothes on non-workout days.  These days are busy, but I am so very thankful for them. IMG_2526

We’ve been enjoying Jackson’s football games over herefullsizeoutput_3b78

and I am trying to catch a few minutes to read when I have a free moment!  IMG_2595

Also, fun? Presley was gone this weekend with a friend and Jackson was hanging with his people, so Luke and I had lots of quality time together!IMG_2616

I came across this Bible verse at church on Sunday, and it was just so moving!fullsizeoutput_3c19

followed by watching this girl in one of her makeup soccer games on Sunday afternoon.  She scored a goal and had such a blast!IMG_2631

And, finally, I had a hair appointment this week!  Some of y’all may remember that I had balyage done on my hair back in January, but it had grown out quite a bit!  I took a poll on instastories asking what I should do when I go in for color next, and the overwhelming majority said stay light.  So, my hair lady added back in some of my natural dark brown for Fall and Winter and touched up the blonde/caramel!  I think it turned out great!fullsizeoutput_3c1a

Just a little bit of our every day fun over here!   Here’s my next question: I need a Fall lip color.  I love mine: it’s Nars Brigitte, but I would love a more Fall-ish color!   I don’t discriminate when it comes to Lip color, so send me all your favorite brands and colors (even drug store! I don’t care!).  I would love to hear your recommendations!  Happy Tuesday, y’all!!

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  1. What are you thinking about that book right now?? And your hair looked great on Sunday morning (as well as that pic!!)!


  2. Bare Minerals Gen Nude lip in “Dahling” is my new fave! Enough color to look like you’re wearing something, but warm for fall and not too bright. And it wears like a combo of a lipstick and gloss.


  3. Your hair looks great!! I don’t know much about the balyage – I have always highlighted. If you did it in January, does that mean you don’t have to keep touching it up like highlights where it grows out? I have darker hair too so I can’t stand to see the line! Eeks! I finally went back to all brown so I didn’t have to go every 6 weeks. Ha! Simply Tish


    • Tish, thank you! Balayage is typically just the ends which means that you don’t have to touch it up quite as much! I went 9 months before I needed it redone. 🙂 It was awesome! ❤️


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