Something Fun for today: Enneagram Test and Talk

Hey, y’all!! Today, we are taking a break to talk about something that I think is such a fun little distraction!  Just last week, I was chatting with someone at the grocery store about this Enneagram Personality Test that is all over the place. And, this week my friend Hollye brought up that she had taken the test, and it is seriously so fun to sit and talk about! I was totally fascinated by the topic, so I went home and took the test!  And let me tell you that there is a ton of information on the internet about each of the types.  So, after Rob got home, I had him take the test as well!

I will preface this test with the following: while I find it super interesting, I think the best resource to find out about who and WHOSE you are is the Bible.  Tests like these are SO FUN, but please take the results for what they are and move right along. :).

So, there are much more elaborate tests  available to determine your Enneagram “number”, but I took this test here.  There are only 35 questions, so it’s an easy test to take!

So, I totally recommend that you take the test and then hop on over to this website to read more about the different types!

What I LOVE about this: So, it’s so neat to read your results and decide what was spot on and what wasn’t! Also, I LOVE the idea of knowing more about the people around me’s personalities, so I can understand them better!

Want to know what number I am? I am a 3 with 2 tendencies (three-wing-two).  :). Now go take the test and tell me your number in the comments! I am dying to know!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. I’m a textbook 1 with a little 3 sprinkled in. I love the enneagram and personality in general. I recently read Reading People by Anne Bogel and it’s all about personality.


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