Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday!  Yahoo! Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!!

Friday Favorites-3

Today, I am sharing all about my favorites from the past week, and well it’s basically all about Halloween and our festive fun!

First off, this popped up on my Facebook this week, and it made me laugh so hard!


Really, I think it’s applicable to people everywhere but we do seem to stretch out the goodbye here in the South and I love it! haha!

This week has been Happy Monday pictures for the win!  These two are looking super grownup!img_3241

and trips to see her future high school play volleyball!   She took her ball and a sharpie to get an autograph from the setter!img_3290-1

Sadly, they didn’t get a chance to get close to the team, but I love her big dreams!img_3274

This week has been all about hamming it up for the camera in your crazy glasses!img_3301

And feeling festive on Halloween morning!  Bless the teachers who teach our kids on days like Halloween (and the day after).  Y’all deserve 1 million dollars.


These two loved picking out their costumes.  Luke was himself riding an ostrich and Presley a Unicorn (with a fur vest.  haha!).  They had an absolute blast!

Rob was living his best life this Halloween.  We were the nurse and sailor from the famous WWII picture! img_3360

We loved trick or treating with our friends!img_3376-1

we had an absolute blast!img_3378-2

the kids ran in a group and had so much fun!   We just followed them around!img_3379

And afterwards….some serious Halloween candy trading.  🙂img_3390

We really did have a great Halloween!img_3387-2

Happy Friday, y’all!  I mentioned this on Wednesday but this weekend I am heading on a girls’ trip to NY!  How fun, right?! We booked (and paid) for everything on this trip this past summer, so it really is a sweet gift to be able to get away right smack dab in the middle of a not so easy season for our family.  Life isn’t always easy or perfect, but I am always amazed by how God shows up in the smallest and BIG ways to encourage and provide during it all.   So many of you have prayed for our family and continue to do so,  and  I couldn’t thank you enough if I tried. 🙂 I promise to keep you updated if we have news to share.

Have an awesome weekend, my friends!  If you shared your favorites, don’t forget to link up below! XOXO Narci

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  1. You and Rob were THE cutest!! You guys need to frame that picture! I’m telling you-you were so cute I’m thinking about framing it myself. 😉


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