Oh La Llama: Presley turns Nine!

Hey, hey friends! Presley turns 9 on Friday, but we will be hosting a group of teens from our church for their annual weekend retreat beginning this Friday….followed by Thanksgiving break.  So, we knew we needed to plan her birthday party before all that craziness began. 🙂   Presley asked for a Llama Birthday party at home, and who am I to say no to Llamas? 🙂IMG_3880

I googled llama parties and found my inspiration here.


I loved the pastel, but I was afraid it looked to babyish, so we went for brighter primary colors but in the same family, and it was a big hit. 🙂 Just FYI: I am going to include links to everything at the end of the post to make it easier for you!

I found these little llamas on Amazon, and my mind instantly went here


I knew we needed a llama adoption center.  The girls loved EVERYTHING about this!   They picked the hair and eye color, and it was so fun!

Presley had a llama piñata on her birthday wish list, and I just loved the sweet request.  I am a big fan of classic, fun birthday parties and nothing says old school more than a fun piñata.  The colorful bags in the background were an quick pick up from Hobby Lobby and perfect for the candy that we put in the piñata. 🙂


We had the cutest  Llama and cactus cupcake toppersIMG_3994

And, I used crepe paper to make this fun rainbow banner and this darling cactus banner for a cute final touch.


Our main activity was painting these llamas!  I had a llama figure for the girls to trace, but I had some extra time before the party, so Presley and I traced them all the girls.  I just wanted this to be super easy and fun for our party guests. This way, they could skip to the painting. 🙂


We used regular craft paint that you can find at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store.  It painted beautifully on those canvases!   I also grabbed loose flowers for the girls to use as flower crowns for their llamas and they turned out darling. 🙂

I meant to lay down painters plastic on the rug below the table but I totally forgot in my last minute busy-ness.  I should tell you that one of my darling painters dropped her palette FACE DOWN on our antique Persian rug, so please learn from my mistake and don’t forget this step. haha! Praise the Lord, I treated it with carpet cleaner immediately and it came right up!  Can you believe that I forgot to lay down that plastic?  Silly me!

I ordered llama plates, napkins, and straws that were looking super festive. 🙂


And this colorful set of decor for our living room. 🙂IMG_4001IMG_3998

Really, the SKY is the limit on how far you could take the colorful theme!  There are lots of great options for this kind of theme on Amazon. 🙂IMG_3999

And, I also picked up these cute llama hair ties and stuffed those plus some Christmas pencils into a Target dollar section glitter bag.  They turned out super cute! 🙂

Presley and her girlfriends had a total blast!



What we did during the party:

  1. Made Friendship bracelets as the guests arrived
  2. Adopted our llamas 🙂
  3. Painted the Llamas on the Canvases
  4. Played Freeze Dance with Christmas Music (This was a FAN FAVORITE!)
  5. Piñata fun
  6. Pin the Tail on the Llama

The party was two hours which was the perfect amount of time.  No one was bored, and the activities filled up the entire time that the girls were here!


It really was the perfect way to celebrate our girl turning nine.  She’s growing up, and I just love getting to watch her do her thing! what a blessing!

Need info on the party goods?  You can find it all here!

canvases * easels * paint brushes * palettes * Llamas for Adoption * Llama adoption center graphics * cupcake toppers * llamacorn piñata * Cactus party banner * colorful birthday decorations * llama birthday plates * llama straws * pin the tail on the llama game * llama party favor hair ties

Happy Wednesday, friends! I will see you all back here tomorrow! XOXO Narci

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  1. This is just the cutest birthday party! Love all of the ideas – esp the llama adoption center! Too cute! Happy birthday to Presley! Time flies so fast and they grow up so quick! ❤️


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