Friday Favorites


Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday!  Yahoo! Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!!

Friday Favorites-3

Today, I am sharing  a few of my gifting and Holiday favorites with you!  So grab your coffee and let’s get started!

A sweet Thanksgiving 🙂


First things first, we had a great Thanksgiving! Lots of turkey and carbs and family time together!  I grabbed a few pictures of the kids for our Christmas card on the way to my parents (which is why we are all looking a little Christmasy!) haha! If you are needing a Holiday ready look this Fall, I would totally recommend my green sweater and red heels.  

Target pajamas

Y’all know that I am loving Target this Fall, and if you are needing or needing to gift some CUTE jammies….these should be on the top of your list.  They all are super soft and great quality!  Plus, they are on sale for TWENTY DOLLARS!  Yes ma’am! 

red plaid pajamas, red stripe pajamas, grey plaid pajamas

extreme gifter pajamas, stay cozy pajamas

Too Faced Makeup Products

A few months ago, I was at Sephora because I was running low on all my makeup face staples.  A rep from Too Faced was there and he offered to give me a little makeover using all their products.  I was skeptical, because I don’t love a hard sell on anything…but who am I to turn down a free makeover. haha.  

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I LOVED all of the items that he used!  I’ve been using them since September, and I really love them!  

The coverage is awesome, and they all have a subtle peachy smell which is such a fun little twist.  That palette is a great tool for blush, bronzer, and highlighter all in one!

My favorite Eye Products

And, finally, my girlfriend Lori always has the best eye makeup, so I have been adding her recommendation and using this Stila glitter eye shadow on top of my normal Bobbi Brown routine, and it is looking so cute!  Perfect for the Holidays!


Happy Friday, my friends!!  If you are blogging, don’t forget to link up below.  This weekend is my last crazy weekend of shooting, plus some family time, and our Church’s Christmas kick off performance.  I hope you have an amazing weekend, y’all! XOXO N



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  1. I ordered two colors of that eyeshadow a couple of days ago! My friend Carly talks about it as well, so I can’t wait to try it! And I love that family pic of y’all!


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