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Happy Thursday, my friends!!  Want to know the question that I get the most?  What are you getting Luke for Christmas?  Several of my friends and I have kiddos at this in between age where they are basically done with toys but not quite a teenager yet and ready for all those teen gifts…so shopping for this age can be a challenge.  :). So, today I am sharing what’s on Luke’s wishlist this Christmas in hopes that it helps with your gift giving this season.  Here we go!

Rebounder Net


Luke is our soccer guy, so we picked up this cool rebounder net for the backyard…it bounces back the ball when you kick it against the net. :). Also great ideas for your sporty kids? New balls, new cleats, or accessories for their sport (think fancy gloves, a nice bag, etc.).  The possibilities are endless here.

Nintendo Switch


Last Christmas, the kids received this video game console as a gift and it has been a big hit at our house!

Favorite Team Jersey


If your boy has a favorite team, this is a great gift to give.  Don’t tell Luke, but I actually did buy this Alabama hoodie for him for Christmas.  Are you shocked?  So am I.   All I can say is that the Christmas Spirit must have been alive and well in my heart when I pulled the trigger on that one. 😉  My plan is to wrap it in Ole Miss wrapping paper, because THERE IS ONLY SO FAR THAT A GIRL CAN COMPROMISE WHAT SHE KNOWS TO BE RIGHT. haha. 😉

LaserX Laser Gaming Set


This laser gun set is a gift that Jackson got a few years ago, and it was such a hit with our family!

Chronicles of Narnia Boxed Set


Luke would tell you that he doesn’t like to read, but I catch him reading all the time.  Boys are so funny, right?  I handed him Wonder a few days ago, and he had it finished within a day.  This Chronicles of Narnia book set is a classic and perfect for his age, so they will be under the tree for sure!

Tactical Vest


Nerf Guns are always an AWESOME gift, and I loved this tactical vest as an inexpensive gift for your nerf loving boys!

Have some gift ideas for boys?  I would love to hear them!  Leave your thoughts in the comments!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO N

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  1. Boys at that age are so tough! I still don’t know what I’m getting Nixon for Christmas! After this post, I’m wishing he played soccer because the net looks cool!


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