Christmas Home Tour, Part 2

Happy Monday, friends!! I hope you had the very best weekend!  Ours was so fun: We celebrated Rob’s birthday on Friday, Presley played some volleyball, had dinner with friends, I had our Santa minis, and then Santa surprised Rob with a little birthday fun on Sunday night.  I can’t wait to share all of that with you soon!  In the meantime, we are sharing part two of our Christmas decor, so let’s get started!

Here’s our kitchen! Keeping it real….I took pics on a rainy day, because the kitchen was super clean on that day.  And, I’ll take clean over perfect lighting any day. haha!IMG_4865

For Christmas, I put away all of my normal kitchen knick knacks and bring out the Christmas fun for the counters. 🙂IMG_4866IMG_4867

This room just makes me happy.  When I was planning the decor out for this room, I wanted it to be fun!IMG_4868IMG_4883

And our coffee and cocoa stationIMG_4897IMG_4900

I also keep my favorite cookbooks and our Christmas cards stacked here on the left.  🙂 IMG_4899

Now onto our bedroom! IMG_4876

We’ve been in this house for 3 years, and we probably need something for above the bed, but I can’t commit to what it should be!  Give me your ideas if you have some!  We are looking super festive in here though!IMG_4877


Lots of festive pillows and cozy throws.  🙂IMG_4873


Did you know that my dad owns an AV business in Dallas?  So, if you’ve ever wondered why we have such giant TVs in our house, it’s because he can’t help but make sure we are watching life-sized people on TV….no matter which room we happen to be in. haha.  IMG_4880

I just added some navy and white trees plus some pretty flocked white garland underneath!


Also, we had some friends over for Thanksgiving lunch, and one of the families MADE this sign for us as a thank you.  Isn’t it gorgeous??


  It’s the perfect addition to make our room super festive!

Happy Monday, y’all!! I will see you back here tomorrow to recap all our fun from this weekend! XOXO N

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7 replies

  1. Your house is cozy all year long, but I want to come over and never leave at Christmas. I think you should have me over for a piece of pie or something. Just a suggestion. 😉


  2. Hi Narci, your house is gorgeous and so festive! So.. I think the space above your bed would be perfect for a big family picture!!


  3. What a beautifully decorated home you have Narci! I esp love the navy trees – so different and festive! I immediately go to 3 larger pics of your kids as you are a photographer and could handle that so simply. 😉 Or a word sign like “Family” and then maybe 2 pics one of the whole family and one of just the kids? What a beautiful home you have! Merry Christmas!


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