Oh what a festive weekend!

Hey, hey friends!!  Happy Tuesday to you today!   Today, I am recapping what’s been going on in our neck of the woods.  This weekend was all about the FUN!  It started out on Friday night with this boy doing his best puppy dog eyes for some week day screen time because Fortnite was releasing their new “season”.  Spoiler alert: I totally fell for it. 🙂IMG_4910

Friday morning was cold, but these two were ready for it! IMG_4927

I spent my day finishing editing sessions from the weekend prior, and if these curls don’t make you smile then I am just wondering if anything makes you smile. hahaha. 😉IMG_4933

Friday night was Rob’s birthday, so we headed to our very favorite pizza restaurant to celebrate. It was delicious!IMG_4940

Grimaldi’s is in a shopping center with lots of Christmas decor and lights, but it rained all night unfortunately.  So, we took cover below umbrellas and made the best of it!IMG_4954IMG_4949IMG_4947

And then we came home for a little birthday celebration IMG_4957

The birthday boy. 🙂IMG_4960

and Christmas cookie decorating.  IMG_4963IMG_4962

On Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for a volleyball game.  These girls are having a blast this season! Presley has spiked the ball two weeks in a row and set the ball quite a bit.  She’s not very tall at all, but girlfriend has some serious bounce in her step.  She will need that if she wants to keep on playing volleyball. 😉 All the girls are playing amazing!IMG_4973

After volleyball, Jackson and I had a little day date of Christmas shopping.  (I didn’t take a picture, because we were having FUN and I forgot! haha!) and then we met friends for dinner!IMG_4981

Again, I am the worst about remembering to take pics when we are enjoying ourselves! We were supposed to head to the McKinney Christmas parade afterwards, but it was cancelled due to the weather! So we went home for a bit and then went to Presley’s indoor soccer game! 🙂

The next morning was church and then time to see Santa. 🙂 Every time I think of Santa pictures, I think of this gem when Presley was a baby. haha!IMG_4966

I haven’t edited the ones from this year, but aren’t our Santa and Mrs. Claus the absolute best?IMG_5017

I just can’t even explain how precious they are, but I am so incredibly thankful that they come out each year.    IMG_5018

And, this year as a fun surprise, Santa visited our small group for a quick visit on Sunday night (after sessions) to deliver a birthday cake to Rob.  🙂 Normally, we don’t make such a  big deal over Rob and I’s birthday, but I really wanted to make this year’s birthday special for him.


Mrs. Claus and Santa were so sad to see one of their Reindeer on the wall. 😉 haha.  IMG_5005

The birthday boy and the little kids with Santa. 🙂 IMG_5012

It was a great weekend!  See you back here tomorrow, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. That picture of you guys with your umbrellas in Watters Creek should be on their billboard or something. So cute!! And what a way to end the weekend-with a visit from Santa!


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