These Days…

Hey y’all! It’s been a great month for our family, and here are the days that I want to remember from this week. 🙂


Rob and Presley had to be at church early this week, so we drove separately on Sunday.  These two were looking extra sweet…it was pajama day for Presley…so we grabbed a picture on their way out the door. 🙂


Later that day, Presley and I met up with some girls from our neighborhood and caroled for our neighbors! 🙂

It was a fun time together, and my first time to organize something like this.  We have big plans on how to make it even more fun next year.  And, it was a hit for our sweet neighbors as well. 🙂


Last year, we snagged these two girls for a fun Christmas date and well…once you do something twice it becomes a tradition right? haha.  Starbucks and festive Christmas manicures for the win.


Also, fun: our Luke is finally back on the soccer field! Luke’s team hasn’t played since September due to rainy conditions and now is on a winter break, so he’s been guest playing while his team is on break this December!

This may seem small, but it is huge for Luke…he is super shy outside of our house, and putting himself out there on a team where he doesn’t know anyone is super hard for him. I am so thankful to say that he was so brave and did just that this winter.  Love seeing him grow and pushing himself in this area.  I know it isn’t easy! 🙂


On the list of family fun, we drove out to Highland Park last weekend, had a delicious Mexican dinner and saw some really pretty lights!

The lights are absolutely gorgeous in Highland Park!

This was the first time for the kids to head down here, and they were big fans!

These are the days. 🙂 See you back here tomorrow, friends! XOXO N

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  1. I think so!!! Ebby Lee has so much fun on your Christmas outing. She’s already looking forward to the THIRD annual. 😉


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