What’s Been Going On

Hey, Hey!  Happy Monday to you!  Today, I am sharing a little bit of this and that….and what’s been going on around here. :). January is a quiet month for us, so we are taking time to just relax and enjoy the pretty sunrises.  Isn’t this one gorgeous?

I am spending my time working by the fire during the day.  I can’t complain one bit about this!  It’s super cozy!

While the rest of the world is drinking celery, I am over here drinking lattes. hahaha!  my curiousity is piqued by the celery juice craze, but I am waiting to see how everyone feels about it in a month or two to see if I need to start that up.

I shared about how I polish my floors, using this product and it’s a great and easy way to give life to your hardwoods in January.  

January is for puppy dog eyes because they want a lollipop too. (ha!)

and supporting your home team during Fan Friday at school. 🙂

I have been burning this candle all through January, and it sorely needs to be replaced….but I love this light, cozy scent.  It really is one of my very favorites!!

This week has been all about this girl on the volleyball court.  She’s going through a stage where she is on fire, and it is so fun to watch.  🙂

And, after volleyball this weekend, both of the younger two ended up at playdates.  How did we manage that?  So, Rob and I enjoyed a piece of pie in downtown Mckinney on our way home.  I will call that a win, for sure.   

Happy new week, my friends!   See you back here tomorrow! XO N

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