What’s Been Going On

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Day, friends!    This past week has been just a little bit of this and that….

It’s been a gorgeous winter sunrise

and homework time where I am noticing just how big these two are getting

We’ve been working on puzzles this winter, and we just finished this one up recently!  It’s a hillside painting from Italy, and it turned out to be so pretty!

Also of note?  We finally broke down and bought a mattress…

 Let me tell you, I have a a very weird aversion to laying on those mattresses in the stores (I am convinced I likely got lice during this process. Does this weird anyone else out? ha!), but trying out all those mattresses made us realize WHAT WE’VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON all these years.  Go ahead an treat yourself if you are in the market, friends. Ours arrives on Friday, and it’s the best purchase we’ve made in a while.

Also fun?  These blush earrings!  They just make me happy, and they are super light!

Also going on?  A fun, little snowy morning!

and watching Miss P doing her thing at volleyball.

And the most adorable baby who came to visit me this weekend.

I just love her!

Have a great day, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. We have been doing lots of puzzles around here. That one you guys just did has been on our list to buy…such a beautiful picture!!! 🧩❤️🧩


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