Daddy Daughter Dance

Hey y’all! Today, I am sharing just a little abut the Daddy Daughter Dance that we hosted over the weekend!

So, I should say that we didn’t have any lofty aspirations of hosting something like this…..Here’s how it happened: a group of girls went to a local dance last year and the dates didn’t work out to attend this year. So, we offered up our home as location, and it really was super simple to host! We divided up everything that we needed for the party among 13 moms and it turned out fabulous!

I bought and kept most of the decor, but the other amazing mamas contributed balloons, flower arrangements, dessert, photo booth props, and even a red carpet!

They prayed over the girls and dads, ate yummy lasagna, and danced like there was no tomorrow! I have tons of pics of the girls and dads at the party, but my mama gut is telling me to keep those private for the girls sake. But let me tell you: I seriously have no words for the hysterical videos I have of dads having fun and dancing with their daughters. It was precious to watch!

And, the girls wrote little love notes to their girlfriends to round out the fun. It was an absolute blast. I totally recommend something like this for you and your daughters! What a great way to honor the father daughter bond! Happy Tuesday, y’all! XOXO Narci

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