A Day in the Life

Happy Wednesday from my neck of the woods to yours! Today I am sharing my day in the life from last week. I shared it all live on my Instagram stories, and I am sharing it here in case you missed it. 🙂

My morning started at 5:30 am. I generally change my wakeup time based on what needs to be done for the day. And that day, it was 5:30! 🙂


I started out my quiet time with this devotional, and I am loving it so much.  I have gotten quite a few messages from you all saying that you are loving it as well.  

When I went to start journaling, I found the sweetest surprise tucked inside. 🙂

Since it was Valentine’s Day, heart shaped Valentine Biscuits were on the menu for breakfast…

and everyone was out the door nice and early. 🙂

My week had been chaotic, and I knew I just needed to tend to house stuff on this particular morning. We operate from a much better as a family, when the house is cleaned up!

First, upstairs and then downstairs!

Rob does bedtime each night, so if I am busy with work during a week..I can go a few days without REALLY going upstairs and taking my time to look around…I mean, I wake the kids up in the morning and am constantly managing the flow of dirty and clean clothes up there….But on this morning, I had plans to really go upstairs.  This toothbrush and toothpaste on the stairs was a pretty good representation of how that went. haha!  

I cleaned upstairs and then got some work done!

And finished up just in time to have lunch with my favorite Valentine.

Then I popped into Target to grab  a few things.  Do you ever accidentally wear a RED shirt at Target?  Thankfully, no one needed help finding the paper towels.  I still have a hard time finding them every time I go.

Afterwards, I popped into Luke and Presley’s valentines parties

and ran to the house to set out a little Valentine for my three little loves!  A bunch of you asked who the non-chocolate eater is, and it’s Luke. 😉

After School, we sorted through Valentines…

and I grabbed a Starbucks for myself.  For some reason, I was completely exhausted this afternoon.   I needed a pick me up!

After homework, we jetted over to Presley’s soccer practice

and I shared a Whataburger valentine dinner with these two girls on the way from their practice to their brothers’ game.  I wasn’t even hungry, but it’s actually impossible for me to not order a #1 when I start smelling that WB goodness in the drive thru. 😉

We love watching our number 8 play. 🙂

After the game, we drove home, did showers and bedtime, and I returned all of my emails and messages for the day. 

And, I hit the bed early on this particular night.  I think I fell asleep at 9:27. Mama was tahred.

All in all, just a normal Thursday for me! These are the days that I will remember for sure! Have a great day, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. I bet that mama who sent the whoopi cushions was a favorite! Haha! I love that! My boys would have been all over those!


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