Forty and FUN.

Maybe you remember me saying this here, but in August I turn 40! Isn’t that so fun? I will tell you that the last few years have been some of my very favorite as far as being secure in who I am….and, if the 40’s are going to be anything like that….then sign me up. I will be president of the 40s fan club!

One of my friends turns 50 this year, and she has a bucket list of things to do during her fiftieth year. I thought this was a FANTASTIC idea, so I’m making a bucket list of my own!

On my list, I am including a list of adventures for me to have until I turn Forty in August. I have six months to complete them all….some of them are small and, and some of them are BIG things. We are going to end my 30s with a bang, and I just can’t wait!


  • Try a new Hair Color
  • Learn Hand Lettering
  • Take a trip somewhere fun with Jackson
  • Make a day trip to the Tulip fields with Presley
  • Go in a Hot Air Balloon with Luke
  • Make a Big Change
  • Memorize a verse from the Bible twice a month
  • Grow a vegetable or plant from a seed because #blackthumb
  • Take a couples only trip to one of my bucket list spots with Rob
  • Do Yoga
  • Commit to a Mission Trip
  • Paint a room in the house
  • Work at Meals on Wheels
  • Pay it Forward
  • Test Drive a Jeep for FUN!
  • Start and Finish a TV series that I missed but have been wanting to watch.
  • Family Photo Shoot
  • Stay up late to see a Meteor Shower

I’ll be updating you guys as we check things off! 🙂 I need a cute hashtag for IG though.  If you think of one, leave it in the comments! Here’s to celebrating a big birthday in a fun way! Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. These all sound FABULOUS…except the hot air balloon ride. THAT scares the weebie geebies right out of me! Can’t wait to follow along your Bucket List journey!


  2. What a fun list. When I turned forty several years ago the Lord put in my heart to do forty acts of service for others. I have to admit that I can be pretty selfish at times and think my birthday is all about me. This birthday by far was my best birthday ever. No surprise I am an enneagram 2. Blessings!


  3. What an impressive list! Sounds like a lot of fun to plan and execute. How about the hashtag #beforenarciturns40… Enjoy each day…


  4. I just taught myself hand lettering over the past year and I love it! I started out with a 2 hour class I found on Dabble (I’m in Chicago so not sure if it’s in every city, but probably something similar) which was so helpful for the basic strokes – it would have been tough to figure out without a person showing me! Then I just did printable worksheets and YouTube and Instagram video tutorials. I love a good greeting card, but I haven’t bought one in a long time, and my friends and fam have loved my homemade notes!!


  5. The older you get,the better you get! Reach out if you need any gardening help/tips..we’ve had a veggie/fruit garden for years and it is the best hobby! SO rewarding to grow your own food! Have fun checking things off your list!


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