Spring Break: Washington D.C, part 1

Hey, Hey!  Happy Monday after Spring Break!  I have a full schedule this week playing catch up with work and such, but I can’t wait to share all of our fun from Spring Break!  In case you missed it, Jackson and I travelled to Washington D.C. last week to celebrate his 16th birthday.  He turns 16 in a few months, but we thought that Spring Break would be the perfect time to visit our nation’s capital! I have plans to take all 3 kids somewhere special for their 16th birthday when the time comes, and what a fun trip to kick off this tradition. 🙂

We are ready to take off!  We flew into Baltimore from DFW purely for the reason that I got the tickets for a song! haha! To get from Baltimore to Washington D.C., you can take the metro/bus or use a car service or uber.  We opted for an uber on the way in just because it was the easiest and most direct option.

After we checked in, we headed for Union Station to get a taste of the metro and we were big fans!

And, then we headed to the Capitol for our first official stop. 🙂

The Capitol was absolutely beautiful!

While we were there, out tour guide mentioned that we could get passes from our Senator to sit in the Senate proceedings.  Jackson is a BIG fan of all things politics, so we knew we had to try this!  We scooted over to the Senate office building and walked past many familiar offices while we were finding our Senator!

We grabbed our passes and headed over to the Hill! 

We weren’t able to take any cameras in, but we were able to see Susan Collins on the floor, and it was so interesting!  Afterwards, we went to the Washington Monument.  The sun was setting for the day, and many locals were out running along the national mall.  The vibe in D.C. is very cool, and everyone that we encountered was super friendly. 🙂

After checking out the monument, we went to Founding Father’s for dinner.  I had their Shrimp and Grits, and it was fantastic!  

Then, we walked over to the Lincoln Memorial, and it was just so impressive all lit up at night. Wow!

We FaceTime’d Rob, Luke, and Presley from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and took one more selfie before we headed back to the hotel for he night.

The perfect first day to start our birthday trip for sure!  I can’t wait to share the rest of the trip with you soon!

Happy Monday, y’all!  Have a great day! XOXO Narci

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4 replies

  1. EEEK!! Loved following along on Instagram but looking forward to reading all about it! So glad you guys had such a special trip!


  2. That sounds wonderful! I have been wanting to take all three of my boys to DC for some time now. It always seems like it would be the perfect blend of education and fun.


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