Spring Break: Washington D.C Wrap Up :)

Hey, Hey!  I am wrapping up our trip to Washington D.C. today!  A few things before I get started….We stayed at the Hilton on King Street in Alexandria, VA.  In my head, I felt like we’d be getting the best of both worlds….getting to see Virginia and DC!  This probably would have been the case if we had stayed longer, but really for this trip we didn’t get to see any part of Virginia in depth.  So, if I could do it over, I’d probably choose a hotel in D.C.  However, Alexandria is adorable and incredibly convenient to Washington D.C via the metro. And the Hilton is super convenient to the Alexandria metro stop which was fabulous!  It’s a great location if you plan on staying a while or will have periods of downtime where you can explore around the Hotel. 🙂

On Day 3, we headed into the city and happened to catch a press conference in action.  This was so neat to see.  We were quick to ask what the topic was, and it had to do with the Washington D.C public schools.  🙂

First on the list was the White House for this particular day!

And as we made our way to the National Archives, we came across the Trump Hotel.

The National Archives doesn’t allow photography, but it houses three of our treasured National Documents.  It was very cool to see these!

And, then we had  lunch at the Old Ebbitt Grill.  This was by far the most recommended restaurant, and it lived up to it’s reputation!

I had a spicy sausage pasta that was divine, and Jackson had the Salmon.  We both left with full and happy bellies!

And afterwards, we went to tour the Supreme Court Building.

So neat to see the chambers where so many historical cases have been heard.  Can you even imagine?

After that, we hopped over to the Holocaust Museum for the rest of the afternoon, and it was truly so moving.  I didn’t take one picture the entire time, but this was by far the most powerful Museum experience I had on our trip.  It really was the perfect ending to a truly remarkable trip. 🙂

We flew in to Dallas EARLY the next morning, and unfortunately I brought a case of food poisoning with me from the Baltimore airport which completely took me out for the entire day.  I’m not one to spend a day in bed, but this took me out!   The next day, I was mostly back to my normal self and so happy to see these two faces!  They are already planning their 16th Birthday trip.  For now, Luke is saying a beach somewhere or Barcelona to watch a FC Barcelona game, and Miss P is hoping for New York City.

And then we spent our weekend doing our normal thing like watching this guy play.  

and church with friends

I love a good trip, but I can totally appreciate a routine when we get back!  Happy Thursday, my friends! See you back here tomorrow for our favorites! XOXO Narci

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