What’s Been Going On

Hey, Hey!! Happy Monday, friends! Here’s what has been happening around these parts!

This is us currently.  I am in a constant state of making sure uniforms are clean on the correct days. haha!

Also, it’s worth noting here that it’s Bluebonnet time! woohoo!

I took Presley out two years ago for this fun little shoot, and the flowers are looking to be quite pretty this season as well! If you are interested in booking these, you can always email me for the information. 🙂 (narcidphotography@gmail.com)

Speaking of my clients, one of my adorable mamas sent this pic of her canvases from our session together and they turned out SO cute!  

Also going on?  Mr. Luke solved his Rubick’s cube!

And we went to visit one of our favorite girls at her choir concert.  They were fabulous!

Also on our agenda, we’ve been on the volleyball court 

and fuh-reezing on the soccer field!

Plus, Presley and I knocked another item off my 40th bucket list!

I am not going to lie: it was crazy cold and WINDY so we didn’t grab a ton of pics!  But we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It was GORGEOUS!!!!

We went out for a burger and fries and then checked out the Texas Tulip Farm.  It’s about 40 minutes from our house and just breathtaking! 

She really is my best girl.  So thankful for these sweet moments with just her!

We made some sweet memories and came home with a beautiful bouquet for each of us!

Have a great day, friends! I will see you back here tomorrow! XOXO Narci

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  1. The tulips so so pretty!! And what’s with it with 11 year old boys and rubick’s cubes?! My son solved his and wants to order bigger ones! Hey…at least it makes them think and isn’t a computer game. 🙂


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