Gardening for Dummies

Hey, y’all! When I say that we are going to be talking about Gardening for Dummies today….I mean that I am an actual dummy when it comes to gardening (#blackthumb), and you are going to get to watch me try to complete the most basic gardening available to me. haha!  Are you ready to be inspired? I hope so! πŸ˜‰

When I was coming up with my 40th Bucket List, I tried to include items that would challenge me (hello, Hot Air Balloon Ride, mission trip, and gardening!) to push me out of my comfort zone! So, I am starting suuuuuper simple on my gardening journey and working my way up!

I picked up this Lavender Complete Grow Kit, because 1.  It claimed to have everything I needed to grow lavender.  EVERYTHING. 2.  I could find it on Amazon. Which means that so far I haven’t had to THINK or LEAVE the house to garden.

I am already a fan of this hobby. hahaha!

I pulled off the wrapper, and it had these EASY to follow instructions.

Basically, you put this pellet in water, let it expand, and then transfer most of it to the cute grey pot provided.

Then, you add the lavender seeds (which are basically air, so be careful with these. ;))

And cover it with the remainder of the pellet.

Then, you just keep it moist and let it germinate for about 4 weeks.  It doesn’t even need sunlight!  I put mine in my kitchen, so I can remember to keep it wet (hopefully! ha!)All I could think while I was doing this is about how this kit would be a darling teacher or graduating senior gift with a gift card attached.  Or if you have someone in your family that loves flowers, but is new to gardening, this would be the perfect fit!

I will keep you posted on the growth of my lavender! Happy Tuesday, friends! XOXO Narci

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  1. Lavender is very easy to grow,so I am sure it will be a success! We started our garden over 15 years ago with one potted strawberry plant and one cherry tomato plant. We knew nothing about gardening. Fast forward to today, we have a wonderful veggie/fruit garden and grow everything from peaches to salad greens to heirloom tomatoes and every thing in between! Ive even attempted to grow my own vanilla twice(unsuccessfully)! Gardening is a great hobby, the soil helps alleviate symptoms of depression & anxiety and there is nothing better than picking and eating your own salad! My IG page will be full of gardening tips and pics this year! So excited to get my hands dirty! Planting brussel sprouts today!


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