Target Haul

Happy Thursday, y’all!! I am so incredibly pumped to share something super fun today.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to know what people buy at Target!  In my very humble opinion, Target has upped it’s game in many departments, and I am a big fan!  Call me the president of their fan club! I can’t explain why it’s so interesting to peak inside someone else’s Target cart, but I love it and that’s what I am doing here today.


So, in case Rob is reading here today, I did actually buy food during this Target run (See, babe?)…we are still trying to eat fairly clean during weekday dinners.  So, lots of lean meats, veggies, and such.  I had already put away the sweet potatoes, but we did these three meals plus protein pancakes another night.  Yum!


Rob, you can stop reading right here. Nothing else to see. haha! For the rest of you, I decided that our house could use a little brightening for Spring and Easter, so I grabbed all of these fun decor items

I love a festive plate.  I’ll be feeding my kids on these plates until they leave the house.  It’s just fun, right?

I loved this carrot banner and these CUTE napkin rings from the Dollar Section

and this tassel banner plus the Egg trees!

And some sparkly eggs for good measure!

Home Cleaning Products

Also, Target is my go to for cleaners.  I love their store brand cleaners.  They are priced well and work great!

A few darling Tops

Somehow I found myself in the clothing section.  How does that happen?  I don’t even know! The sleeve on these tops is just precious, and they are soooooo cute for Spring.  I am so unlucky at finding the links for clothes I find lately, but you need to check your local Target for these asap!

You can shop all off this line and brand at Target here.  I love it all!

 Adorable!!  Have a great day, y’all! Meet you back here for our favorites tomorrow! XOXO N

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