Bucket List Update!

Hey, hey!! Happy Thursday from my neck of the woods to yours!

Today, I am updating you on my progress for my 40th bucket list!

If you will remember, I started a FUN list of adventures for me to have until I turn Forty in August….some of them are small and, and some of them are BIG things. We are going to end my 30s with a bang, and I just can’t wait!

Here’s my list, and I’ve starred the ones that I have already completed!

  • Try a new Hair Color ***
  • Learn Hand Lettering ***
  • Take a trip somewhere fun with Jackson ***
  • Make a day trip to the Tulip fields with Presley***
  • Go in a Hot Air Balloon with Luke
  • Make a Big Change***
  • Memorize a verse from the Bible twice a month***
  • Grow a vegetable or plant from a seed because #blackthumb***
  • Take a couples only trip to one of my bucket list spots with Rob
  • Do Yoga
  • Commit to a Mission Trip
  • Paint a room in the house
  • Work at Meals on Wheels
  • Pay it Forward
  • Test Drive a Jeep for FUN!
  • Start and Finish a TV series that I missed but have been wanting to watch.***
  • Family Photo Shoot

Tulip Field Day Trip with Presley

If you will remember, I have something fun planned for each of my family members on my bucket list.  When Presley found out that we were going to lunch and then a little drive out to the tulip fields, she was EXCITED!

We had burgers and fries for lunch (her choice) and then drove to the tulip fields.  They are about an hour away, and the drive was so easy!

I have to say that the flowers were absolutely gorgeous!  It ended up being quite cold and windy, so we didn’t take as many pics as we would have liked in the flowers, but we had an absolute blast!

Start and Finish a TV series that I missed but have been wanting to watch.

Do you have a show that you wish you had watched back when it started too? Here’s the deal: somehow I missed the whole Office craze, but there is no doubt that it has a BIG following, so it was a top contender when I was choosing which show to plug into.  My favorite TV series are always lighthearted or comedies, so I knew this would be a great option for me to try!

I just finished the first season, and I am looking forward to watching the rest.  I heard the first season was not it’s best, but I still laughed at how awkward it all was.   Awkward, but it was funny! I hear it gets waaaay better after this season. 🙂

I can’t wait to keep this up!

Make a Big Change

And, finally, Make a Big Change! I have to say that when I made this list I had NO idea what the “BIG CHANGE” would be.  Crazy, right?

Anyhow, many of you know that my hubby went through a layoff this past year.   After that, we were really needing some more stability from my line of work.  My photography company is still in business and doing amazing, but being self-employed can be a little fluid and not 100% consistent.  So, in addition to the photography, I picked up a part time position with Stitch Fix for just that reason!

So, basically, I am one of the stylists who will style your Fix if you ever decide to use their services!   And, I have to say that this has been sooooo fun!  I don’t get anything from Stitch Fix for sharing this, but if your interested you can sign up here and request me as your stylist (Narci Dreffs).   So maybe I will see you over there soon!   That would be so fun!  There are so many cute items!

Happy Thursday, friends!  I will be back here tomorrow with our favorites! XOXO Narci

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9 replies

  1. You will love Stitch Fix! My best advice: tackle your 15 hours before your kids wake up or as early in the week as possible. Sitting down for two-three hour increments has been hard but manageable for me. Good luck!


  2. Oh the fact you became a SF stylist makes me so happy! I’ve been a customer for a while and had a stylist I really liked, but she moved and it’s been hit or miss ever since. I am going to my account right now to request you!


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