Ten Things

  1. Hi, I’m back!  Today, I am sharing 10 fun things that you may (or may not) already know about me.  I’m including my intro as number one, so I only have to come up with 9 more things. 😉 #creative
  2.  I’ve mentioned this one before, but I will eat anything.  ANYTHING!  Except, I have a serious aversion to raspberries and blackberries.  It’s the bumps.  I just can’t do it…which brings me to this…
  3. In college, I tried out for Survivor and ate an earthworm in my audition tape.  My girlfriends taped me eating the worm, working out in the campus gym, and WE ALL THOUGHT THIS WAS A FANTASTIC IDEA. Let’s all collectively thank the Lord that I never made it on the show, because clearly my frontal lobe wasn’t done developing. haha!
  4. I am a photographer now, but I worked in non-profit development after college. 🙂
  5. Someone mentioned that I should add a tattoo to my 40th bucket list.  Tattoos are not normally my thing, but should I? I can’t decide!
  6. Rob and I were married in Vegas, by Merlin the Magician.  The Vegas part was planned, but the Merlin part was a quirky accident…which brings me to…
  7. In April 2004, I was saved by the tranforming love of Jesus Christ.  I heard a sermon at our church on forgiveness, and I, finally, let my guard down to receive His redeeming Love and Grace.  I was a professional at hiding pain, and maybe that can resonate with you too?  My life hasn’t been the same since. 🙂
  8.  My favorite color is hot pink.
  9. If I could only take one movie to a deserted island, it’d be STEEL MAGNOLIAS.  Jackson was named after the character in this movie, and I can’t even with the banter (and the funeral scene.)  PURE SOUTHERN GOODNESS.
  10. We have a dog named Dixie, and she’s super adorable and sweet.  It was touch and go during the puppy years, but I am happy to say that she can now walk right past my Sam Edelman wedges without even trying to chew on them.  She’s a doll.

Happy Wednesday, friends! See you back here tomorrow! XOXO Narci

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  1. “She can walk right pass my wedges” made me lol. And I’m with you on Steel Magnolias. It’s why Carter’s middle name is Jackson! 🙂 Let’s get together and quote all the banter, it’ll be fun. 🙂


  2. Such a fun read!
    “My frontal lobe wasn’t done developing” I love when people really understand that! Some think HS school kids can handle adult decisions or “know better”, but their brain hasn’t finished developing.

    I vote no for the tattoo. Your body is really beautiful, and a tattoo usually looks awful when women age. This is the only time I will quote a crazy Kardashian: “Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?” – Kim K 😊


  3. I smile every time you mention getting married by merlin the magician…such a unique story 🙂 as for tattoo, depends on the reason….to mark a personal journey or meaningful event. I personally wouldn’t get a tattoo (more because of the process); but, I have no problem with other people and some are really cool. My son just got a tattoo and the location and type, I believe will age well.


  4. Well-you heard Aunt Rene’s vote! 😉 I think you should try out again for Survivor! I’d have t-shirts and signs made!! We wouldn’t miss an episode over here! Let’s add that to the Bucket List!


  5. I have a Jackson too (he will be 16 in a couple of weeks). I loved the name on Steel Magnolias and Gilmore Girls. I thought it was so unique but now there are Jacksons everywhere.


  6. I’ve always said no to tattoos. But, when my mom passed away with breast cancer, my sister and I had a breast cancer insignia put on our wrist in Mom’s memory. I’ll never regret this.


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