What’s Been Going On

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Just a little bit of this and that going on around here…We’ve been manning the registration desk at the Mandastrong Gold Tourney

and donning our best western wear for the church musical.

I’ve been dropping off bundt cakes with companies, and all this begs to ask the question: “Who doesn’t love a bundt cake?”  I know I do!

And I finally restocked my favorite budget friendly self tanner!

I love the  Flawless Darker so much, and this time I grabbed the Coconut Oil exfoliating wipes to try before I use the tanner! It comes with a mitt

and an easy pump spray nozzle

And, for the price, it’s always my favorite tanner to use!

Also, a few of my favorites are on clearance now, so grab them while they are hot!


I adore this cute dress.  I wore it over Easter weekend, and I can’t wait to wear it some more this summer.


and just bought this dress in the conrflower blue ( I already have the black and love it!)

And this top is one of my absolute favorites!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. I need to order a mitt. I somehow ordered that tanner without a mitt so I’m scared to use mine!


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