Five Things

  1. A few weeks ago, I shared “Ten Things” in list format like this. I thought it was fun, because it’s a neat way to get to know a little more about me. This time, I am just sharing 5 things, because LIFE. Oh, and look: 1 down and 4 to go! haha
  2. Sometimes life calls for Churros. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

(If you haven’t tried the Costco churro. You need this in your life, which bring me to my next point…)

3. I don’t like being bossed around when I am making my password for websites. Yesterday, I spent the better part of an hour trying to retrieve a password that was so complicated that I couldn’t, for the love of all things that are good, remember it. (The churro made me feel much better about this though, thankfully. haha) Does this bother anyone else, or is it just me? “Your password must include 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, a roman numeral, a regular numeral, a punctuation mark, your blood type, and the name of your mama’s high school.” People, I can barely remember what I have for breakfast most days. I do not have the memory for such intense passwords. If I want to use the same password that I have had since 2001, please let me You are driving me to make poor in-between meal choices….which reminds me that…

4. My favorite food is steak….with a side of burger and fries and brisket tacos. ;). I also enjoy a piece of pie and sour, fruity candy, and most importantly, I like to eat guacamole like it’s MY JOB.

5. Last summer, I was a chaperone at our church’s youth camp. This was one of my very favorite experiences ever, and we really did have so much fun! At the end of the first day, we walked past a suitcase that had been left in the field in front of the camp at arrival and had sat there all day long. We all joked about the person who had left their bag in the middle of an Oklahoma field ALL DAY LONG without realizing it. What on Earth? I walked about 10 feet before I realized THAT IT WAS MY BAG. mine. LOL! I guess I was waiting for a bell hop to grab that for me, maybe? šŸ˜‰ I had grabbed my smaller bag and completely forgottten about the other one in all the excitement. I will never live that down, people! Never! ha!

Happy Thursday, y’all! See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO Narci

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  1. So……I need to grab a churro at Sam’s (per your recommendation) and a breakfast taco at Hat Creek (per Erika’s recommendation). I need to make this happen. And LOL about your bag!!!!


  2. Love your humor. About those passwords… I had to conjure up one, and as I typed in the letters/numbers/symbols, the website had a little scale saying how week or moderate or strong the security was… I think there was even a green to yellow to red stripe that told me how good it was, red being the best. Sigh…


  3. I loved this post, Narci! So funny. You have a way with words! And your suitcase story resonated with me! We were at the airport headed to our gate and I was discussing with my husband how responsible I was because he had asked to hold on to my passport once we got through security – you know, to keep with his and keep them together – while we heard over the airport announcements that someone had left a green suitcase at the security checkpoint. Ummm… I quickly turned around and headed back to retrieve my suitcase, ha! We still laugh to this day about this!!


  4. I, too, have a churro obsession. I am fairly new to their delights as they are not easily found in the New England area except, perhaps, at carnivals and fairs. Or, on the dessert menu of some Mexican restaurants. But, I continue to dream of them. Lately IHOP has been offering a tres leches pancake garnished with little bite sized churros. They will do in a pinch, and I just want to ask if I could order a side dish of those mini morsels! Have a great holiday weekend.


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