What’s Been Going On

Oh, hey Tuesday!! We spent all weekend swimming and grilling and hanging with friends, and all the fun long weekend stuff. Summer, we have 3 days left of school and then we are coming for you! Presley is president of Summer’s fan club, and I’m with her on that. Bring. It. On.

What have we also been up to? Oh, a little bit of this…

It’s officially club soccer tryout season in Texas and, oh my stars, is this a process! This year is our first year to fully go through it all with Luke. Signing day is 7/1, and we all have decided that we can’t be more excited to have this all squared away then. Haha!

And, speaking of sports, Jackson had his Spring football game!

In the Fall, he’ll be playing for the Varsity team which means FUN like Friday nights at the stadium and the whole shebang. This year, he’s playing tight end and is loving it.

I dropped off lunch for him on game day and left my own “fortune” for him on that day. Who says high schoolers don’t need notes on their napkins. 😉


And, finally, did you see all the cute families that I’ve been photographing? They are as sweet as pie, and it has kept me super busy these past few weeks!

These are the days, y’all! Happy Tuesday, and I will see you back here tomorrow! Xoxo Narci

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