What I’m Priming

Oh, hey y’all! Happy Wednesday to you! If you need me today, I will be working up a storm. In the meantime, I am sharing what I have been priming lately. 🙂

In case you haven’t heard, we are heading out on a little birthday trip. Since it’s the end of summer, I haven’t bought a ton for the trip. However, I did buy this fun little swimsuit on Amazon. I am a big fan!

I also bought these containers, and they are my favorite for traveling!

I plan on making a balloon arch soon, so I grabbed this cool little pump to help the process.

Luke’s playing soccer with the FC Dallas club, so I grabbed this CUTE top to sport on game day! I sized up from my normal T-shirt size, but I probably could have ordered my regular size. It worked though!

I grabbed these white strips last week, and they are my favorite way to keep my teeth white! Yeah!

When we got home from the beach, I pulled down the charcoal grey curtains in the living room. Do you do this after vacation too? Have an urge to change your decor a bit? Anyway, I have been looking for the right replacements ever since.

I ordered these and even though they haven’t come yet, I think it is my duty to tell you that they are ONLY TEN DOLLARS per panel. That’s a great deal, so I can’t wait to see if they fit the bill. They have over 1000 reviews and a fantastic rating, so who am I to question the people?

That’s it! Just a random everyday assortment of stuff from Amazon! Hope you had fun peeking into my orders! I will be out tomorrow, but back again for Friday Favorites! Woohoo! XOXO Narci

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  1. Narci,
    Do you have a super warm jacket you love for ball games? We are full on football and lacrosse starting in a few months, and I am on the hunt for one. I was a little underwhelmed with the North Face parka. I ordered on Nord anniversary sale, but think I am sending back. Any suggetions? Wondered if there were some on Amazon!


  2. I always enjoy seeing what folks get from Amazon. I am a “Prime nut” for sure. May have to check out a couple of your items. Have a great weekend!


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