Turks And Caicos, part 2

Hey, Hey! Happy Monday! Today, I am sharing part two of our amazing trip to Turks and Caicos. My apologies in advance if these posts are a little redundant, but our goal was to enjoy the gorgeous beach, the water, and relax. I think we did just that!

Sunday morning, we woke up nice and early…try as we might, Rob and I are just early birds by nature…we barely made it to 6:30 each morning while we were there. The breakfast buffet opened at 7 am, and we were always the first ones there. We watched the sun rise over the water every single day while eating our fantastic breakfast!

Fresh squeezed orange juice, grits (the southern girl in me will always ADORE grits as part of any meal), eggs, bacon, and the most delicious fruit and homemade pastries every morning. I am not normally a breakfast person, but this breakfast had my heart.

The water and sky were much clearer on this particular…so pretty and blue! The view from our room was spectacular. After breakfast and a quick trip to the room, we went down to the beach for the day, and I fell in love…

I can’t explain what it is about a beach and water, but it just makes my heart so happy!

We listened to our home church service online, did some reading, and just sat and chatted. This was Rob and I’s FIRST trip away from the kids. Ever! Isn’t that crazy?

I floated on this raft for the longest time in the ocean. It seriously felt like being in a pool because the water was so clear and pretty. I was in heaven.

We ordered lunch on the beach and just ahd the best day. At about 2 pm, we packed up our beach bag and decided to go for a walk and visit the town area near our hotel.

The walk was so pretty and a quick 10 minutes…we found a grocery store, a bank, and several cute stores along the way. The grocery store was SO nice!

We were totally laughing at this Smurfs candy. Is this a thing in other parts of the world? I don’t even know!

We had fun checking out the area. We felt totally safe walking around in the middle of the afternoon!

After our afternoon adventure, we went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and went to a little restaurant on the other side of the island called Somewhere. The food here was Tex-Mex, and everyone said we HAD to try their Fish Tacos. I’m not one to argue with the people, so we went and they were delicious!!!

Our view was fantastic again! I would say that this vibe is completely different than the laid back vibe at our hotel. You could tell that this place was super vibrant and FUN. It’s probably an awesome place to go with a big family or a group of friends too!

Here’s the deal…Rob and I can be a lot of fun in a group, but when it’s just the two of us..we will choose laid back ALL DAY LONG.

So, we went back to the resort, listened to the live music (which was SO GOOD!) and had the best night!

It really was a beautiful night!

The resort was just breathtaking all lit up at night! So pretty! My favorite parts of this day? Floating in the gorgeous ocean waters and sitting underneath this night sky. I turned to Rob both times and said “I’m never going to forget this moment.” Truly such a fun and beautiful day!

I will be back with more tomorrow! Happy New Week, friends!! XOXO Narci

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  1. Ahhhhh!!! More GORGEOUS pictures on Part Two! I’m glad you shared what you had for breakfast because for a hot second it looked like mashed potatoes to me. 🤣🤣


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