Turks and Caicos, part 3

Hey, Y’all! Happy TUESDAY from my neck of the woods to yours. If you need me today, I will be working with a sweet newborn family and doing our normal Tuesday routine. There’s nothing better than our every day stuff. In the meantime, I am sharing the 3rd part of our trip to Turks, and I will wrap it all up tomorrow!

On Day 3, we woke up nice and early (Dang internal clocks! haha!) , had our yummy breakfast and hit the beach.

The great thing about being out there so early is that the water is especially calm in the mornings…so we enjoyed this so much!

On this day, I knew I wanted to do a FUN picture to commemorate our trip and turning 40, so this little shot popped up in my head. Rob was my photographer, so I gave him a little crash course in composition and we went for it. It only took us two times down to the water to get it right, and I call that a success! haha!

40 years down, and hopefully 40 more to go. I couldn’t be more thankful! That afternoon, we had lunch on the beach again and walked back in town. This time, we went in the direction of the bank. We really hadn’t brought enough cash, so we went out looking for an ATM. We found one easily and picked up some treasures for the kids as well!

The walk was just so pretty from the resort to the main road. πŸ™‚

After our little adventure, we went back to the hotel, took showers, and cleaned up for dinner. πŸ™‚

I truly fell in love with our hotel during our stay…between the architecture, greenery, and food it was just so cozy and comfortable!

On this night, we had reservations at Caicos cafe. It’s within walking distance from our hotel, and the food is Caribbean/Seafood. We had Conch as our appetizer and the most beautiful seafood for dinner.

I am going to tell you that the food was fantastic, because it really was. Rob was in absolute heaven at this spot, because he LOVES seafood. Honestly, I got caught up in the moment of a WE ARE IN TURKS AND CAICOS/C’EST LA VIE attitude, and I ordered what the waitress recommended as their specialty. It was quite good, but seafood makes me sick often…and this meal did too. That’s my own fault though! haha! I really wanted to be in the moment, but I should have known better.

The restaurant was quiet when we arrived but filled up pretty quickly!

We made it through sunset, but my stomach was reminding me of my FUN meal earlier so we retired to bed pretty quickly after that! The sunset didn’t disappoint at all!

The perfect ending to another GREAT day! Tomorrow, I will be wrapping up our trip! See you then!! XOXO Narci

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