Ten Things

  1.  Today, I am sharing 10 things that are going on my world.  As always, I like to take the smart way out and make my introduction, my number 1.  haha.  Moving on….
  2. Jackson started his Junior year on Thursday, and I have absolutely no photos to document this.  None.  His day starts before 6 am when he’s not in the picture mood (who would be?) and ends around 6 pm every day after football practice.  One of these days, I am hoping to catch some kind of picture but right now it’s just not happening for me.   I know this will be a great year for him….and then we move onto senior year! That is crazy, but I am super excited for him.
  3. I was so focused on eating healthy leading up to 40, but I’m currently going through a little mini-rebellion on that.  Give me all the baked goods and creamy dips.  haha!  I guess I need another goal to work towards, maybe?  I will keep you posted on that.  In the meantime, pass me the brownies.
  4. On the first day of school, I vacuumed my entire house to burn off some anxiety/jitters about everyone’s first day. While I missed everyone so much, I thoroughly savored the fact that the vacuum lines stayed all day long without three pairs of feet running around.   What is it about a vacuum line that is SO SATISFYING? They were dirty again by 4 pm, but it was delightful while it lasted!  
  5.  I met a baby named Eli last week and he was so cute my ovaries cried.  
  6. Presley’s soccer team starts practice up again this week with games this weekend.  She took the summer off from sports, and she is SO PUMPED to get back out there.  Cute goalie pictures to follow.
  7. Luke is thoroughly enjoying his time with his new soccer club.   It’s been so neat to watch his confidence and character GROW during this big change in his world.  Yes, Lord! Won’t He do it!
  8. Rob and I had such a great time in Turks, and we are trying to brainstorm trips that we can take over the next several years.  We need a mix of smaller scale and big trips, because not every year can be a big bucket list trip like that.  If you have a good idea, leave me a comment.  I am all ears!
  9. I should have named this post “Nine Things”, because I am running out of things to talk about.
  10. A lot of you have asked how Stitch Fix is going, and I am still loving it!   It’s a great company, and I thoroughly enjoy the styling!   I haven’t scheduled a box for myself in a while but I am hoping to do so this Fall so you guys can check it out!  I will keep you posted!

Happy Tuesday, friends! See you back here tomorrow! XOXO Narci

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  1. So, pretty early on in our marriage my mom gave us a really nice vacuum. I used it once, and while it did a great job, it didn’t leave vacuum lines. I insisted she take it back. No lines? No thank you.


  2. I love vacuum lines too! One day hubby came and saw me admiring the lines and he proceeded to shuffle through them. Sob. Now it’s both he and the dog! It’s the little things like vacuum lines – a bit of order even if it’s just carpet fibers… I tell you!


  3. I think a great couples get-away is Scottdale. It’s not too far, great food, plenty of things to do and pretty good on the budget!


  4. My favorite vacation every six months: Lanai
    The Four Seasons recently increased the rates so you can find a gorgeous VRBO to save a bit. Enjoy!


  5. #3 & 4 speak to me! Pass me anything that isn’t healthy and vacuum lines 😍😍😍😍😍!


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