Back To School Favorites

In case you didn’t know, we started back to school last week. I know that some of you have a few weeks left of your summer, so I thought I would share what we picked up for Back to School!

For Girls

So, obviously, the kids are in uniforms this year…and we all are big fans of this change. This shocks me to say that, but to not have to worry about what everyone’s wearing each day is fabulous! We did pick out a few new things for school though!

I know Presley is a hot minute away from not wanting all the sparkles, so I was so excited when she picked out this fun backpack, this lunch bag, and these adorable shoes!

For Boys

Even Luke is enjoying the easy nature of the uniforms…and aren’t we all surprised by that. haha! For back to school, he was all about Adidas. I love the CUTE retro backpack that he chose along with the coordinating lunch box!

And, of course, these cute navy sneakers. Luke has a grey pair just like them that he wears for running days at soccer, and these for school. He says they are like running on clouds, and I just can’t argue with that!

This and That

Presley requested the option of warm lunches, so we picked up this neat little thermos

for Mac and cheese and leftovers. And, Luke really needed a new water bottle so he got this one!

And, a new pack of socks. And, of course, they are Adidas. 😉

Hope this helps the mamas who still have school shopping on their agenda! Happy Wednesday, y’all! Just a note: I’ll be out tomorrow due to some day-travel for work, but I will be back on Friday for our Favorites. See you then, friends! XOXO Narci

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