These Days

Hey, Hey friends! Happy Tuesday from my neck of the woods to yours!  These days, we are starting to dig into our routine a little.  We are caught up somewhere between our Fall calendar and summer weather, so we are spending hot days at the soccer and football fields followed by front yard water balloon fights and neighborhood soccer games for fun.

I am still REALLY enjoying these simple hoops as a great basic hoop for Fall.  They are nice and light with a fantastic presence still.  Also, these are just a great classic piece which always makes me happy.  I am always going to be a classic girl at the core. 🙂

These days are heading to sessions at 7:15 am before church because my expecting clients are doing their best to avoid that heat.

I am an early bird, so these early wake-up calls are always a plus for me.  I’d say it was a plus for this cute girl too! 

Also these days?  I have the best little sous chef in the kitchen.  I remember this well with the boys, but we are seeing so much of our precious girl’s personality come out this 4th grade year.  I really feel like it’s a big year for this.  She’s become so confident and settling into her own personality nicely.  That’s our girl!

Happy Tuesday, friends! See you back here tomorrow! XOXO N

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