Tuesday Talk

Hey, y’all! Today, I am linking up with the sweetest girls, Ashley and Erika, for their fun link-up “Tuesday Talk!”


Each month, we link up and discuss a different topic, and I love getting ideas from you all!  This time, I am calling on all my sports mamas again.  We did this a few years ago, and it was so helpful!

This school year, it’s not uncommon for us to haveat least a handful of games each weekend between the three kids. So, I need to know know all your tips and what gear that we need to invest in as we navigate this busy season for our family. We want to know how you navigate it all….and what items you think are must haves. We have super hot temperatures and some cold snaps come wintertime (plus, we are just more cold-natured since we aren’t used to it.) so I need all the recommendations! Any special gadgets that are must-haves? What do you keep in your car? I want to hear it all!

Here’s my tip! We have a wall for backpacks with hooks in our hallway from the garage. Everyone’s sports backpack goes on one of the hooks, and the second that a uniform is clean it goes inside the corresponding backpack. We have a lot of different uniforms to keep track of and this always cuts down on the “where’s my other red sock” issue that seemed to always happen before we instituted this rule!

I can’t wait to read about it all your gear recs, tips, and tricks! Thanks for the fun linkup, friends! XOXO Narci

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  1. I always have at least 2 fleece blankets (the cheap ones from Walmart are perfect), chairs for everyone, extra balls to entertain the brother who isn’t playing, a sweatshirt, a portable phone charger, and my book in my car. As the weather gets colder I add a box of hot hands for the players and the fans, gloves, hats, and scarves. I try to have healthy snacks and water in the car too in case a game runs over and we have to dash to another one.
    Each of my kids has a uniform drawer in their dressers. Everything that is part of a uniform goes in there as soon as we do the laundry. That way I always know where to find everything. I don’t keep them in the backpack anymore because they’ve left them on the sideline at practice one too many times.
    This year my kids will be on 4 travel teams, year-round swim team, 1 rec team, and the golf course. It’s taken me a few years but this list has me ready for it.
    Good luck to all of your athletes!!


  2. We had two bags that always stayed in the car. One with all of our rain gear, a towel, sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, extra sweatshirts and a trash bag (for muddy uniforms/cleats) We had blankets that were always in the trunk also. Everything we could think of for random Midwest weather. The other bag was full of snacks and water bottles.


  3. For cold or rain nothing beats an Undertheweatherpod, a collapse able wagon to pull all of your gear to and from the car, I keep one bag full of sunscreen snacks, mini fans, cool towels, etc. I bring it in from the car to refill and leave it in the pantry then grab it before games and I am ready to go.


  4. Our favorite thing for beating the heat in Alabama is a portable fan. These work great for any outdoor sport and run on power tool batteries that last for multiple games on one charge – https://www.amazon.com/Ryobi-P3320-Adjustable-Extension-Included/dp/B00JYJUM8I. We also keep a bin in the car that holds towels, blankets, sunscreen, bug spray, umbrellas, sweatshirts and jackets. Add to that chairs or stadium seats, a collapsible wagon (to carry everything!) and snacks/drinks. Cooling towels and a tailgate tent are usually needed for tournaments. We have used all of these things through baseball, soccer and football seasons. Can’t wait to hear everyone else’s tips!


  5. Our fan is our must have! We live in south GA! Whichever drill you have at home buy a corresponding fan and u can use the battery from your drill to run it! We have two and they are lifesavers.


  6. As an Arizona soccer family for the last 11 years, we know all about hot games and I have given a lot of my money to various sports stores and amazon looking for gear. The Costco wagon is great for hauling and folds easy. Portable chairs with the attached visor are great when only one parent is going and doesn’t want to bring too much. A portable umbrella is needed. We have a sportsbrella but don’t care for it and prefer the joes shade from amazon. We have the ez-up tarp but it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Misting fans are great and a blanket that is weatherproof always comes with us. Let’s go team!


  7. Read about these the other day. When your kiddos take off their uniform the whole thing goes in one bag to be cleaned…no more missing socks!!! I thought it was a fantastic idea!! Now that I’ve typed this out I think you actually know Amanda, so just check with her 😉


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