Pie, Donuts, and Cute Hair.

Today, I just have a random list of fun things.  I feel like this post is an accurate representation of my mind currently.  Just a whole bunch of random and unrelated things taking up space.  Oh, mom life.  haha!

On Friday, Andrea and I were on deck to provide Donuts for the 5th-grade class’ devotional/small group time.  I feel like our donut display was looking quite fun!

We ended with a sweet little huddle, and I left with all the warm fuzzy feelings about this!

Also random? Miss Presley is very into some jazzy hairstyles right now, so we’ve been busy searching Pinterest and found some awesome tutorials to help us along the way. I made sure to pin them all to my Pinterest board if you wanted to check them out for yourself!

We’ve been celebrating Rob’s 1 year anniversary from losing his job.  Yes, we celebrated with Pie.  Why? Because, on the regular, we brush up against something amazing that has come as a result of this.  Yes, God has given us what we NEEDED daily (HUGE!), but He has provided so much love and encouragement along the way too.  I am not saying that we are walking a perfect walk or have this all figured out, but we can’t help but consider it joy looking back in retrospect.  He is faithful.

And, speaking of something sweet, someone handed me a sample of these cookies last week, and you are going to want to grab yourself a bag as well. TRUST ME.

We are big fans of oreos, but these are completely next level.  Honestly, they remind me of girl scout cookies…but even better.  Check them out, friends!   You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Monday, y’all!  See you back here tomorrow, y’all! XOXO Narci

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  1. Have you seen the mystery flavor Oreos? They just came on the market last week. You can enter a contest w Nabisco to guess the flavor and win a prize.

    Also, if it’s not too personal would you please do a post on how the Lord has molded and shaped you and your family after Rob’s job loss last year? I think your readers would love to read and be encouraged by the beauty of His works.

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  2. I love reading your blog! Wish we were in McKinney to get gorgeous photos from you! I would love to hear more about your family’s job loss journey (understanding it’s obviously deeply personal)…it can be eye opening to see how others find joy in hardness


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