A Day in the Life

Happy Monday, y’all!  Today, I am sharing a day in the life that I did last week. It was a spur of the moment decision to do a day in the life, but it ended up being super fun!  Here we go!

My day started at about 5:30 am…We are going through a season with the kids that starts early (Jackson is at football before 6:30 most days) and ends late most days (around 10 pm after everyone gets home from games and practices) so I’ve been getting up a little later in the morning to get some rest.  It’s been a good thing!

On this particular day, my devotional was speaking some truth!  Also, I went for a quick early run and nearly had a heart attack.

I am very easily spooked, and these Halloween decorations about did me in! haha!


On this particular day, we discussed whether or not it looked like I was wearing pants.  The majority of you said I was safe, so I went with it.  


Then it was time for school drop off for the younger two

And then I head off to my first session of the day!

Look at how sweet.  I could photograph babies all day long.  Then I headed off to Newborn session number 2…

And just did some office work, like emails and such until it was time for pick up!


I had some extra friends in my car at pickup!  We went for ice cream to celebrate it ALMOST being Friday. 😉


We got home, and everyone did homework.  Want to know what I did?  I laid on my back and ordered Halloween Costumes while I ate a bowl of cereal.  haha!  I had been crouching over newborns all-day and my back was needing a rest.  


Jackson had an away game, so Rob made the drive out to his game while I fed the other two and got them ready for their practices.

And, then we got the sweetest gift….a free night at home which hardly ever happens.  A series of storms were coming through which cancelled practice, and I have never been more thankful!

What did we do after that?  The kids played Monopoly, I finished up some editing, and then we tucked everyone into bed early.  It was the perfect slow evening after a busy day! I didn’t take any more pics, because I crashed shortly after the kids went to bed.  :). That’s it for my Day in the Life for this time!  See you back here tomorrow, friends! XOXO Narci

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