What I’ve Found Lately

Hey, y’all!  Happy Thursday from my house to yours.  Do you feel that?  It’s the beginning of a crisp breeze and cooler weather.  I am definitely here for it!

This week, I went to the mall to look for jeans…I needed a dark, classic pair so I made the trip so I could try on a bunch of brands all at once.  I wanted them to be flattering, high-quality, and not break the bank.  As much as I love premium denim, I needed a better value than that.  The ones that I found were absolutely perfect!

I just adored these jeans.  They are SO CUTE AND FLATTERING, mid-priced, and the quality is fantastic.  Girls, these jeans are the real deal!

Also, in the past few weeks, I found the cutest budget items too.  I picked up this cute sweater for just $18

and this crew neck sweater for only $12!

I am having a moment about this tortoiseshell belt.  It is only $16.99 and a total steal.  I like to buy a belt each season and this one came home to live with me. 🙂

And, I picked up these awesome mules in black.  They are cozy and so cute! The perfect spin on your classic black shoe.  Easy peasy!  We found all kinds of good deals this month.

I will see you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites! XOXO Narci

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