Six Things

Happy Wednesday from my corner of the world to yours!  Today, I am sharing six things.  So, grab your coffee and let’s get started!


I saw this over the weekend, and it’s so very true.   When our soul is struggling, the sweetness of a friend is such a treasure.


Also fun, Luke on the school playground is just about the sweetest thing.  It’s been so very neat to see God work in different areas of our family and this is no exception! So cool!


I hate to be bossy, but you need these earrings in your world….they are such high quality and right on trend.  You will absolutely love them!


 Bring on the pumpkin everything.  I love it all.


If you’ve never experienced a group of cute soccer players hop out of a pickup bed, then I highly recommend it.  They just moved from one end of the field to another and felt so cool traveling this way.  Super cute, for sure!


And, finally, my dad turned 64 this weekend so we took a minute to celebrate on Sunday night.  Also sweet?  Jackson is looking extra grown-up with his new beard.  I love this look on him!

Ha a a great week, y’all!  I am going to take tomorrow off for work and be back here with our favorites on Friday! See you soon! XO Narci

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