Presley’s 10th Birthday

Hey, friends! This weekend, we celebrated Presley’s 10th birthday, and it was truly a birthday to remember! We had some technical issues yesterday so I’m sharing this again today as the blog was down most of the day yesterday!

After school on Friday, I took Presley to the SPCA to adopt a kitten.  It had been at the TOP of her wish list for quite some time!     She was so surprised!

It was totally meant to be, because we found the sweetest little tabby cat there. Presley named her Daisy Delilah πŸ™‚

I will tell you. We all are smitten!

On Saturday, we planned a little baking party and it was so fun!

It was a Christmas themed Nailed it, and it was so cute!  Basically, the girls formed into two teams and were to recreate two rounds of Christmas themed recipes

I stocked up on all the Christmas themed baking supplies for the fun!

We decorated aprons

and I had these CUTE Christmas headbands to make it extra festive for the girls!

I LOVE that it was Christmas themed, and it was looking extra cozy in here!

So, for each round, I showed the girls the following pictures, and they did their best to recreate them!

and I also provided all the ingredients that they would need to make it happen!

I have to say that these girls are expert bakers!  I didn’t take a ton of pictures because the kids were enjoying themselves, but let’s just say that I was super impressed! Luke stayed for the party and was our official judge. He loved being in character!

It was the perfect way to celebrate turning double digits!  We love you, Presley. Happy Birthday, love!

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7 replies

  1. Your house looks amazing!! Are you opening this venue up for other birthday parties? πŸ˜‰ Ebby Lee had so much fun and came home talking about how we had to try to make those Christmas tree cookies at home!


  2. Ok, my daughter wants a cat so bad but i’m worried about my furniture getting scratched? What are you doing to prevent that???


  3. Daisy Delilah looks just like our orange tabby. Did you know female orange tabbies are rare? A majority are male, just 20% are female. The party looked fabulous/delish!


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