Cinnamon Roll Christmas!!

Every year on Christmas Eve, the Dreffs’ family gets up super early and whips up some delicious batches of Cinnamon Rolls for our close friends.  

We just love this opportunity to love on the people in our lives. I always say that it blesses us so much. Presley is my best sous chef, and at this point I really think she needs minimal help from me!

After we are done baking, we deliver the goods to our friends!


This was my crew a few years ago.  Did I forget to mention that we always deliver in our Christmas Jammies?  It just makes everything more festive. 😉

Here the kids are the year before that.  So sweet!

They all love to help in the kitchen


We always prep the dough the night before and finish it up on Christmas Eve morning.

And, several years ago, we started using CUTEST labels for the tops of our Cinnamon Rolls.

img_5872I find our labels at Erin Condren and I usually order our ribbon and bows off Amazon. In the past, I’ve done disposable pans but I can’t wait to share what we are doing this year!!

This year we are doing something more sentimental and using this pan…I love that it is reusable for our friends, and it’s on sale for only $9 this week during their Cyber Week Sale!

I hope our friends always remember those cinnamon rolls every time they pull out this sweet little baking pan!  I can’t wait to gift these and the yummy rolls to our friends, and I made sure to grab one for our crew to remember this year by.  Plus, it’s just a cute pan! haha!


We always have so much fun delivering to our people!


I am so thankful for such a fun tradition. Seeing all of our friends at their door on Christmas Eve morning makes it so fun for our kids, and I am hoping we can keep this little tradition going until we are empty nesters.  We will see!

P.S if you need a great Cinnamon Roll Recipe, I love this one!

You and your friends will love this tradition.  Happy Tuesday, y’all!!  XOXO Narci

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12 replies

  1. So many things…1. I love Cinnamon Roll Christmas Eve. 2. Where are those wreaths that used to grace my front door? 3. That one plant is REALLY leaning-hahaha! 4. I promise to have us appear more festive this year. Those Richardsons really brought their A game!


  2. So I’m curious what you mean by prep the dough the night before? I make the same recipe for my neighbors every year. Such a fun tradition.


    • That’s great Julia! I stop right before I roll it out and add the filling the night before. 🙂 I do everything from that point on early the next morning. Often we are delivering by 7:45/8 am so I need all the extra minutes thy I can get. Haha!


  3. This is such a sweet tradition. Are the instructions you leave them with, to bake Christmas morning or bake right away?


  4. Hi Narci! How many batches of cinnamon rolls does this recipe make? I absolutely love this tradition & those pans 🙂 Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas 🎄


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