Pay it Forward: Grace

Hey, hey y’all!

Happy Wednesday, from my little home to yours.  Wow, I so appreciated the time that everyone took to respond to our survey yesterday.  It was quite helpful. Please know that it made me consider quite a few things, and hopefully, you will see some thoughtful changes in addition to some everyday goodies rolling out in the near future. 🙂

Today, I am sharing about something that happened to me recently.  A few weeks ago, I had a sweet 1-year session scheduled with a darling returning client.  It happened to fall directly during my bout with the flu, also combined with the fact that it never made it onto my calendar as it was scheduled during the Holidays….and as a result I did something that I haven’t done in 15 years…..I completely forgot.  I actually happened to be at the doctor when my client called wondering where I was.  Oh my gosh!  The worst feeling!

I immediately threw myself at the mercy of my sweet client and apologized, and she was so incredibly sweet and gracious.  She did not complain or fuss (which I would have totally understood, if she had) and easily rescheduled for the next week with get well wishes.  That’s GRACE UPON GRACE, right?  I totally screwed up, and she covered it with grace.  That is GOOD STUFF.

Well, fast forward a few days and I found myself at another appointment and they were a no show.  The same thing: they had completely forgotten just like I had.  Oh, how quickly God offered me a shot to pay it forward with the same kind of grace that was given to me. I guess He didn’t want me to forget! 😉 And, that appointment and friend was JUST as thankful as I was for the grace shown. Isn’t that a sweet little train of forgiveness? I told her the story and asked her to pay it forward. I am secretly hoping everyone keeps on paying it forward and the effects reach further than my sweet client could ever have imagined when she chose to be so gracious.

So, here’s my application: what if we were to show grace to someone today. And, when they thank or even question us.. ask them to pay it forward to someone else?  I think being kind or nice is great, but what if someone doesn’t deserve it?  It doesn’t come as naturally, right?  It’s a sweet picture of the gospel and something we are called to do anyway.  Honestly, I need grace every single day, because without that the beauty of the cross is lost.  So, find someone to pay it forward to today, and ask them to do the same. Grace always wins, right?  I think so! 🙂

Happy Wednesday y’all!  I will be back here tomorrow for more fun.

XOXO Narci




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10 replies

  1. Such great words!! When I hear stories like this, I’m always so thankful for the person who got this started. #thankyousweetclient!!! With your reminder, maybe we can all be those people today.


  2. Narci – thanks for sharing this. It was so uplifting and a great reminder of the grace God extends to us everyday and how we are called to extend that grace to others. I love reading your blog.


  3. Oh my word Narci… how I needed to hear this today. I am an attorney and see clients at night and I had two no shows this week.. and I was angry. I didn’t show them my anger but I didn’t show them grace either. Thank you for teaching me that I need to show grace going forward!


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