A Royal Drama: Top 5

So, a few weeks ago when I was sick, Harry and Meghan decided that they were DONE with the royal life and were opting for a normal life apart from royal duties and titles.

Was anyone else reading about this?  Am I the only one who is still thinking about it?  Here are my top 5 thoughts on it all:

  1.  I totally get the idea of Royal Life being SO HARD, but I am wondering if they will prefer normal life after they see what it’s like?  You know what they say about the grass being greener, right? I am so nervous for this!
  2. Our pastor referenced an article that tied this into Harry making this choice as the best mental health option for him and Megan, and if that’s the case, then BRAVO for them. I hope they show a little vulnerability as time passes on this, if that’s the case.  I kind of think that we are on the brink of a mental health crisis with our youth and young adults, and this would be so helpful!
  3. Archie is adorable. I know we aren’t talking about him, but isn’t he the cutest??
  4. I have never been hot or cold on Harry or Megan, and I still don’t have a strong opinion on them… but this has SO endeared me to to the queen.  At least publicly, she seems to be taking a loving and supportive stance for her grandson and wife.  She easily could have been ugly or cold, and I love that she went this route. There’s a lesson there for all parents. 🙂
  5. The rumors and discussion on all the innuendo have been so entertaining to read…I have seen it all!  All the way down to the colors they are wearing at appearances and how it symbolizes their inner thoughts.  I think my favorite commentator over on Instagram is @eaholmes.  You have to check her out.

Okay, so now I need to know your thoughts..  Was this a royal mistake?  Or are you on Team Harkle? 😉 Do you think there is a secret feud?  Or is all of it just a simple agreement among the royal family?  I need to know! Please sound off in the comments with all your thoughts and theories.   I will make sure to keep up with this today and respond with my thoughts too

Tomorrow is Friday Favorites, and I have all of the CUTE finds from Target for you!   You asked for my personal Target pics, and I am here to deliver! See you then!

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  1. I have lots of thoughts on this…1. I thought it was GREAT of Harry to put his wife and child first if this is causing a major riff in their marriage. 2. Meghan has already seen the grass on the “normal” people side of life, so I can’t imagine they change their mind later? 3. But she knew what she was getting into when she married Harry, so I’m surprised it’s even happening in general. 4. Now what will they do for work? 5. And really I could keep going….but I’ll stop. 🙂


  2. I am very proud & sympathetic for this decision. Just some of what I read and do believe to be true, his mother’s tragic death really solidified this decision for his family. And I have also read, even through British outlets, their paparazzi are even more aggressive. So I am not sure Megan could have predicted the harshness to that level.

    I wish them years of happiness & many more Archies.😊


  3. I think they are wise. I think he made his decision because he SAW what public life did to his mom. HE doesn’t want that for his wife and child. I respect that. I love that he would give up his royal status, to make a better choice for his family. I have nothing but respect. I hope it goes well for them.


  4. I am so torn! I really do not know how they will ever escape the public eye, but I do wish them the best and I hope they are happy. The media can make us think crazy things, but who really knows? I agree, Megan knew what she marrying into and the Queen, oh my goodness she has been so supportive through her statements.


  5. I’m fearful for them that they think the paparazzi is going to let up and I just don’t see that happening. The paparazzi never let up on his Mom and I don’t see them letting up on them either.


  6. Full support for Meghan and Harry here. I believe that their system is antiquated and known to be a little toxic, especially with the press and paparazzi. Harry knows what it did to his mom, so I understand him wanting to protect his own family. I do think there is a family riff, especially with Harry and William because William has always bought into the power and the system more. I do wonder if the Queen’s sentiments are genuine, too. Either way, happy for M&H and yes, ADORABLE Archie.


  7. I, too, am a Royal Watcher. I am fully supportive of this decision, and was even more so after I heard Harry’s speech at at the Sentebale event. I believe that they really did think they could do what was planned – royal engagements, a royal household, etc., but that the press was just so terrible to Meghan (although I wonder why she even reads those things), that they just had to get out. You cannot blame him after what happened to his mother (and not just her tragic death, but the life she led up to that point, being hounded by the media, her eating disorders, depression), and I think this is the best choice for them.
    I’m a little disappointed with William and Kate though. I thought they would all be good friends but they must not have warmed to Meghan as there is clearly a rift between them all. I put more of the blame on William and Kate for not being understanding and welcoming, I’m sure Meghan had some opinions but I doubt she would deliberately offend anyone right off the bat, she is too smart and seemingly kind for that.
    I’m curious to see how often they will go back to the the UK, and I think that will be a good indication of how things will turn out in the end. If they go for the big events, like Beatrice’s wedding, etc., then I think it will be fine.
    Right now, we are very excited in Canada that they came here, but I think the novelty will wear off and we will leave them alone for the most part.
    That was a lot of thoughts!! Eek.


    • Terrible to Meghan?! If a free, fully renovated to their tastes home, the royal tours they wanted to the locations they chose, the wedding they wanted and funding for a 100k engagement dress and other disgustingly frivolous lifestyle items (but don’t forget the poor people) is terrible then?!! It was their behaviour that caused the press to turn on them. Preaching about poverty one day and having a 500k baby shower the next. Moaning about climate change, then taking private jets on five holidays in a few months. They thought respect would be automatic and they wouldn’t have to earn it but threw in the towel when they found out this wasn’t the case and blamed others. William and Kate have behaved with dignity and respect to the royal family, its thousands of years of tradition and their roles. Meghan gave it five minutes, then decided there was more to it than being a celebrity (gasp.. she actually had to work) and quit in the most disrespectful and selfish way. I cannot imagine treating a 90 plus year old with a very ill husband in that way, no matter who they are.


  8. I like them! I think they are a very attractive couple. I’m not super surprised by this because I feel like Harry has always been portrayed as “rebellious” and as a party boy. I think that royal life is so fascinating because it’s so different. Since they got married I have read articles about how Megan has been treated poorly and is “unhappy”. I hope this is a positive decision for them and I hope they’re happy!


  9. I think they’re doing the right thing for their little family. I was a little surprised that the Queen made them completely quit rather than do some royal duties. I do think that may change someday when she’s gone, especially if Charles is king. I remember that Diana was overwhelmed by the press and she lived there so can’t blame Meghan for not being able to predict how hard it will be. I’m also disappointed that there seems to be problems with William & Kate but hope that changes over time.


  10. I do not agree with most of these
    comments and I would never do something like that to my 90 year old grandparents
    I think what they did was petulant, immature, and self- centered
    Of course I wish well to everybody- not wishing misery or anything bad to anyone, but this was shocking and for me wrong
    They are surely not acting what they preach
    I think -and my family thinks -it’s awful what they did
    How bad is it? Please
    There are people suffering , losing their homes, etc. in the world
    I would never prayerfully come to this conclusion
    I think it is shameful


  11. I’m a Brit and thought it was utterly disgraceful the way Harry used a charity function to moan about the fact the royal family didn’t give him exactly what he wanted. Giving up the hard bits of your job and still expecting all the glitz and glamour from it is not admirable in any way. Meghan knew exactly what she was getting into and is a master manipulator. Trademarking the royal family and its thousands of years of history is truly disgusting and Meghan clearly wanted the celeb side of being royal but not the work side. I’m just one of many many Brits that has zero respect for these two and their victim mentality. The way they treated the Queen of England – letting her find out on Instagram etc – in the midst of Andrew issue and Philip being ill – was unforgivable. They should be ashamed of themselves.


  12. I am late to the party on the comments here. I have an amusing story to share. My family has just come back from a vacation in the UK and we were in London the day that the Harry and Meghan news broke. Of course it was all over the media and my kids (aged 11 and 9) saw and heard all of it. Back at home today, someone asked the kids if they had heard about Brexit whilst they were in London. They replied that they had but then said, very seriously, that they were far more interested in Megxit. They are now super interested in the lives of the Royal family 😉


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