A Note from Me to You. :)

Happy Monday from my house to yours!  I hope you had the absolute best weekend! 🙂

By the time you read this, I will be on the road to Austin, Texas for a conference with my new job!  So fun, right?  Please know that I will be back here on Thursday with all of my normal content, and I appreciate you giving me the space to be a working mom and share all about what we do over here in the process!  The grace of this is not lost on me at all.

Today, I am sharing about an answered prayer in our world, and I am also asking you to help me with something until I return. Here we go…

I shared this over on IG, and I am so thankful to be able to share the same with you today:


Two weeks ago, we lit a 🕯 at church. An outward, physical sign of a prayer request that was fresh on our heart….that Rob’s contract at work (which was to end in February) would result in a full time position. My friend @hmhornsby3 challenged our small group to pray at 2:45 every single day until God answered the prayer. (We all need a friend like this. 💕) While we waited for an answer, Rob’s company enacted a hiring freeze and we felt the gentle whisper of “do you still trust me?” embedded in the pain of what looked like another closed door. Lord, we do trust you…and on Tuesday, God answered at *2:45 pm* with an extended contract through 2020. A reminder that with God all things are possible. That God is still at work, and an answered prayer that says “It could only be me.” Today, we moved the candle to the other side of the stage to symbolize that God answered this prayer and that He provides more then we could ever deserve. The victory is His. In this, in our lives, on the Cross. Lord, we thank you for the pain…for the uncertainty, for the wisdom that is brought from brokenness. Lord, we love you so much and will always point to You. He did it again.”

So, here’s my challenge :)… If you have a prayer request between now and Thursday, submit it in the comments below.  And, I’ll be going through the list to pray for it at 2:45 pm CST every day until I get back.  If you’d like to join me in praying, pick one or two of these requests (or more if you want) and pray with me at 2:45 CST every day for them.  I am humbled to pray with and for you, friends.

Matthew 18:20  

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

See you back here on Thursday, friends! XOXO Narci

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  1. My prayer request is that I could work from home so that I could be more available to my children (one of whom has a chronic illness). Thank you for praying. I love the symbolism of moving the candle to the other side of the stage when the prayer is answered.


  2. I’m so encouraged by you sharing how God answered, Narci. ❤ I would love prayer for an upcoming spinal surgery. I have a genetic condition and a paralyzed GI tract. It is a four hour surgery and we are praying my gut wakes up quickly (from anesthesia and pain meds) to avoid TPN and resume my tube feeds. Prayers for a quick and good recovery are much appreciated.


  3. I’m struggling with depression. I’ve dealt with it since I was in my 20’s. I know the Lord has allowed this in my life because it keeps me focused on him, but it’s hard. I’ve cried and begged the Lord to deliver me, and for reason unknown to me, it’s still there. And I’m ok with that, His will is not my will, but it’s hard. And I just need prayer. Thank you! And I’m so glad the Lord answered your prayer about your husband’s job. Awesome!!


  4. Please pray for my 84 year old father. It started with hospitalization on Christmas, he had a light stroke. He has been to rehab and now is in another rehab facility. He isn’t getting better and we seem to have went backwards. He is weak and frail and it is breaking my heart every day to see him in this condition. Please pray for us!!! Thank you!


  5. Please know I am curious not meaning to be rude. When you move your candle to the other side of the stage, that is to signify your prayer has been answered? Or answered in the way you wanted? What if your prayer was the continued job and God’s answer was no? Would you still have moved your candle?


  6. Hello and thank you so much for sharing your story and for reaching out to us. Last night I left a comment but it doesn’t look like it posted. Just over the last month or so, many of my friends and family have come to me asking for prayers due to health issues. Could you please pray for health and wholeness, transformation and renewal in the lives of those I love and also for all of these beautiful commenters as well? I came back here today to let you know that you’ve inspired me: I’ve set my alarm for 2:45 and I’ll be praying for all of us with you! Thank you so much for brining us together. Prayer is incredibly powerful because our God is the most powerful. Thank you ❤️


  7. My 20 year old college age daughter is struggling with anxiety and loneliness. I pray every day that she finds peace, gains confidence and finds “her person”, that one person who will be a good friend to her.


  8. Hi Narci, I feel badly asking you to pray for me because I have read all the other prayer requests and prayed for all of them at 2:45pm and my concerns seems so minor compared to others. But right now I am going through a difficult time in trying to sell my stepfather’s house. I would like to ask you to please pray that the septic system passes Title V and that the underground oil tank is fine and doesn’t have any leaks. Thank you very much and I will continue to pray for all the people and their prayer requests on this page.


  9. Praise God for answered prayers! So thankful for you sharing this and your encouragement because being open about this is hard. My prayer requests are for my family…my child’s health condition, being laid off and looking for new job, and dealing with health insurance for medical treatment. I will be joining you in prayer. Thank you for praying for my family! It is very much appreciated.


  10. This prayer request post could not have come at a more perfect time! I have been worried about my son’s future employment. I have been praying for that one chance…that one opportunity where his talents can shine. Thank you so much, Narci, for praying for my son to be granted an interview and/or job offer!


  11. Praising God with you!! Thank you for sharing! Prayers for our family with uncertain employment and so many changes coming in the next few months. Wisdom, peace, and glorifying God in all. Thank you.


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