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Happy Thursday, friends!! I am back in town and slowly getting back into my groove.  Can I say that I completely bow down to the mamas out there who travel for work?  I came home beat, so I spent yesterday afternoon trying to get my life back in order.  It was all over the place and wheels off.  I won’t have to travel a ton for work, but if you have some great tips I would love to hear them!

Also, thank you to everyone who submitted prayer requests and have been praying for them. I’m keeping my alarm at 2:45 everyday and praying for everyone. It just feels right. 💕💕

This popped up in my memories, and I can’t even handle baby Luke.

He’s grown into this crazy fun and crazy sweet kiddo.  I just adore him. He’s heading into middle school next year, and I am here for it!

What’s been going on?  Oh, just picture day… These two were looking extra cute on this day..

and a sunset that took my breath away. Whenever I see something THIS BIG, it just completely astounds me that the SAME GOD who made this sky, made and cares for me.

I also watched the Netflix documentary Cheer, and I absolutely adored it.

People!  Who else watched this? I loved the characters, I loved the storylines, and I found myself watching the whole series within a few days which hardly ever happens for me.  Jerry is my favorite, and I just wanted to hug Morgan and LaDarius.  Also, who else wanted to be a mama to sweet little Lexi to make sure she didn’t make any bad choices.  Good stuff.

And, finally, Jackson went to his High School Banquet recently, and he was looking all kinds of grown up.  My goodness!

Here he is 2 years ago heading to the same banquet. What??

Someone replaced my man child with an actual man.  Crazy that he’s only 16.5…I don’t think I can take him looking any older over the next year and a half.   So crazy.

Tomorrow, I am sharing my favorites, and oh my stars do I have a great list. Looking forward to sharing that with you tomorrow, friends! Have a great day, y’all!

XOXO Narci

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  1. Welcome back! Thank you for praying for my aunt and others who sent in their requests. While you’re rushing around to the the “wheels on”, please remember to take a bit of self-care and “rest the wheels”. LOL


  2. Thank you for your prayers. I’m going to continue praying along with you. As for my best travel tip (which you may already do): I always keep a separate bag of travel toiletries packed and ready to go that I store away in a cabinet in the bathroom. This way it is always full of what I need and I can pick up the bag and place it right into my duffle bag or suitcase. I now keep all medicines in one bag at all times so I can grab it and toss it in as well. This has made packing so much easier and I don’t worry I’ve forgotten something important. Best of luck in your new job!


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