A Day in the Life

Hey, hey! Happy Monday from my house to yours!  Last week, I did a day in the life, and I am so excited to share it here.  I always pick a normal day, so you can see what everyday looks like over here.

I was up and at ’em a little before 6 am.

I settled into my quiet time with my coffee, and it was so good!


My girlfriend Hollye and I started sending each other three things that we were grateful each day, and it’s been such a game-changer for me!  It’s amazing how it can totally change your day.  Here are mine for this particular day…


And, then we did the school rush.  Luke wasn’t feeling well on this day, so he stayed home with me.


And, this cute kitty greeted me when I arrived back home.  She follows me around all day. She really is super sweet!  BEST CAT EVER.

And, then I started working.  I got a ton of questions about this.  I work Monday-Friday 8-3.

It’s been so awesome, but I am still figuring out how to get all of my normal cleaning, errand running, cooking, and such done. Working mamas chimed in, and gave me so many tips.  I am looking forward to putting them to good use.  I will make sure to share what I find along the way. 🙂

Walmart Grocery saved me on this particular day!

And, I spent the rest of the workday returning emails and wrapping things up.

Followed by school pick up, homework, and craft time.


and a rare evening at home.  I celebrated with laundry.  We love a cozy blanket at our house.   Can you tell?



and snuggles with this girl until it was bedtime.


And, then, I spent some time working on my grocery list for the weekend.  Does anyone else feel like they are constantly grocery shopping or is that just me? 😉



I was asleep before 10 pm.  Just a random Thursday around here!  Those are always my favorites.

Have a great Monday, y’all! XOXO Narci


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4 replies

  1. Yes!!! In the last week, I’ve had two grocery orders and a quick trip to the store myself. Any guesses on what I have to do in a bit? Yes, order more groceries! This kids can eat!


  2. HI Narci,
    Could you share what company you are working for? It sounds like a great job. I went back into education this school year, but I would love to be home again for my kiddos like you are and only work while they are in school…
    Thank you!


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