*Top 5* Cleaning Products

Happy Wednesday, friends! You asked for more cleaning tips, and I am here to deliver.  I am not going to lie.  I love a clean home, and I am so happy to share all of my tips with you. I thought that the best place to start would be my favorite cleaning products! 🙂

Most of our downstairs is hardwood flooring, so I spend a lot of time doing my best to keep our wood floors clean and shiny. 🙂 I should note that with three kids and two animals, this is a battle that I don’t always win.  So please don’t feel badly if your home isn’t perfect all the time.  Mine isn’t either!

I love this almond cleaner for everyday floor cleaning.  

It doesn’t leave any fogginess, and it smells so good.  I use this with a microfiber mop a few times a week on our hardwood floors.

And speaking of floors, a few years ago I tried this fantastic polish.  I saw it at my local grocery store and fell in love after trying it once.  It makes my floors super shiny, and that makes me super happy! 

And to round out my mopping arsenal, I use these great floor wipes for bathrooms and the tile floors in the laundry room.

These clorox wipes are lifesavers and so helpful when teaching kids how to clean.

And, I always clean our kitchen counters with this Mrs. Meyers spray.  It’s safe and always leaves our countertops looking nice and shiny!

So, tell me: what cleaning routines are you wanting to know more about?  Leave me a comment, and I will make sure to add it to my post rotation. 🙂

Happy Wednesday, friends! XOXO Narci


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  1. I use a Shark steam mop/cleaner for my kitchen and bathroom floors. It helps get the “grunge” out. And it uses distilled water, no chemicals! The mop head goes into the wash and air dries.

    What do you use for your cabinetry?


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