Beachbody Review

Hey, y’all! Happy Thursday. 🙂

So, for years and years I was a faithful exerciser (and, by faithful, I mean, I hit the gym 2-3 times per week.  haha!), but I kind of fell of the wagon this past Fall.  Honestly, our life became SUPER busy and full and it just didn’t seem smart to spend money on a gym membership that I couldn’t find time to use.  So, we cut the cord, and I have been just fitting in a run or at-home workout in my limited time I have available. 🙂

My friend Leslie and I were chatting about this and she asked if I had ever tried Beachbody, and I hadn’t.

P.S. This is Leslie and her family.    Aren’t they adorable?

Since I am in a new season where flexibility is key…I thought I would give it a shot!

Let me tell you that after not doing much for 6 months, I had to start small and began with their 20-minute classes.  I have been working my way up to the longer and more intensive classes.  They have cardio, strength, and even barre classes which I absolutely love! yay! I love the different options because it’s always fresh for me and keeps me motivated! You have access to over 1,100 workouts which I think is so amazing!

And, do you know what I have been doing?  After I put the kids to bed, I immediately go to my office to do a workout on the TV in there.  This new routine has made a huge difference.  I just wasn’t finding time in the morning between work and 2 school drop-offs so this has been so good for this working mama!

Anyhow, I asked Leslie if I could share her information on how to register (you know I love to promote a great small business mama), and I am so thankful she said yes!

You can order directly here.. You should definitely check her out if you are looking for a new fitness regime! It’s been a huge blessing for this girl!

Happy Thursday, friends! I will see you here tomorrow for our favorites. 🙂

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