New Country Home Update and a Little Inspiration

Hi and Happy Wednesday from my house to yours!  How are you doing today?  I am praying for you today!

Our house is going on the market tomorrow, and we are beginning to get excited about what will come after this!  We are still not 100% on whether we will build from scratch or renovate an existing home, and we will probably wait for our house to have a contract before we make any final decisions.  Better safe, than sorry. 🙂  Our market can be kind of touch and go, so we will see how all that fleshes out in the coming weeks.

What I HAVE been doing is deciding exactly what we would like given the budget that we’ve decided on.  So, I’ve been over on Pinterest deciding exactly what kind of style I’d like to have for the new house and even things about the land that are important to us.

I should share that anything we do will be a notch or two down from my inspiration (Hello, Pinterest! ha!), but I am excited to have a focus set.

First off, I think there is no getting around this house being white with some kind of charcoal or black accent..  It just makes me happy and seems so welcoming as far as curb appeal goes!

Also, I am finding that greenery is a must.  The more trees the better, and I think our magic number on acreage is about 2 acres.  We’ve looked at bigger and smaller, but this just seems to be our sweet spot.  

I am also finding that, in true Southern fashion, I hold a very high value on our outdoor spaces.  Check out these two ceilings and light fixtures.  Aren’t they fun? 🙂

We are going to need some kind of porch swing. I know this much.

So dreamy, right?

And the kitchen space is super important as well.  I love a country theme

with maybe an elegant touch mixed in?

And, if we have stairs, we would love hardwood versus carpet. I know this is expensive and hard to renovate but it’s on my list if possible.

I loved this laundry room…the mix of navy and the subway tiles is so pretty!  I am not a big fan of open shelving, but I love it in a laundry room.

I’m also a big fan of rustic details like doors and beams.  Aren’t these doors so pretty!

One thing that we have in our current house that I am hoping to incorporate in the new house is a mud area.  This is a total sanity saver for our family!

Backpacks and sports equipment need a home over here.  And, as far as backyard spaces go, I absolutely love how cozy this outdoor fireplace is on this treeline.

What is on your list for your dream home?  Exciting times ahead as we work all this out and make it fit into our budget!  I can’t wait to keep you posted as we move along in the process.  🙂

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14 replies

  1. I have always wanted a nice, big, dreamy porch swing. We have one on a stand that I put on our patio instead so I can see out onto the lake and it’s one of my favorite places to be in the summer.


  2. Hi. What may you decide move and will it be far from your current house?

    Ps…love your’re so sweet and genuine.


  3. Hi Narci…love your blog! You may want to check out my friend Lindsay on instagram—@arestorationstory. The story of her family and buying their house (that they are renovating) is amazing—very Christ centered.


  4. I’m excited to see this entire process! I love your vision for the new home! Will you still have a studio for your photography business? And what about a pool…would ya’ll want one again? Thanks for sharing, Narci!


    • Hi, Michelle! Thank you so much! ❤️We looked at a house with an above ground pool and thought that was a fun feature so it’s not out of the question for sure! ❤️ I would love that but I’m not sure if we will be able to fit into the square footage. We will see! 😍❤️


  5. My dream home pretty much lines up with your vision – those are all beautiful spaces! sending prayers that things move smoothly for you!!!


  6. That is very exciting! We moved 2 years ago to a one street neighborhood. We have a 2 .5 acre lot and it almost feels like the country.We love it! Especially now that everyone is at home. Good luck!


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