What’s Been Going On

Happy Monday, y’all!  I hope you guys are doing well!   First, I absolutely have to thank you for all the sweet prayers for our family as we put our house on the market!  It went live on Thursday night, and we are so thankful that it was quite active over the weekend…especially considering the times we are in. It should be very cool to see how God will work this out for sure!

I finished my Priscilla Shirer Devo over the weekend as well, so on Sunday morning, I started a new one by Bob Goff.  I do like Bob Goff and this devo doesn’t disappoint.  I love his heart, so I am excited to dig deeper into this!

You know who isn’t hating  quarantine life?  Dixie Dreffs.  

Girlfriend definitely is missing her groomer, but my stars does she love having everyone home all the time. 

What have we been up to?  Well, we’ve been looking at a lot of land and property….and some days it means coming across a cool tree swing…..

and other days it means abandoned houses with cat statues left behind.  haha!

I am trying really hard to NOT get me heart set on this property right here, but we just FELL IN LOVE with this one.  I mean, the flowers were blooming….the hills were rolling.  The kids and dog were in heaven.   It’s pretty much everything we have dreamed about. 🙂 Neither Rob nor I is ready to commit just yet, but if you asked me what the front runner is right now….it would be this!

I did bring a few flowers home to remember it by. 😉

These days are for finding cute selfies on my phone….

and seeing our church on the way home from a property.  I will be SO excited to be able to head back there to see everyone and worship together.  :). What an absolute gift that will be!

I am so excited–on Wednesday, I am sharing an awesome self-tanner product and some CUTE loungewear items.  It should be awesome!!  See you then! XOXO Narci

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3 replies

  1. I will have to add the Bob Goff devo to my list. That property is gorgeous! I also miss my church family but it has been nice as some of us from the kids team have been having prayer centered zoom meetings during the time we would be teaching our kiddos.


  2. Thank you for sharing your heart. Our family lives on an acre in a subdivision and we love that we are not so close to neighbors but have them! Praying you find your “forever” property soon and your house finds a buyer.


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