Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, hey y’all!  Happy Monday from my house to yours!  I hope you are doing well.  We had such a  great past few days. This weekend was all about house-related things. 

It has been such a sweet process so far, and we are just so thankful about how things are moving along.  As long as all goes well, we will close on our current house in mid-June.   And, as far as our next steps….we are at the point where we are considering making our final decision…we’ve met with builders, found a property to build on that we love, and even found a few houses that are on the market (I never thought this would have been possible!  This totally caught me off guard over the weekend.)  We’ve prayed, we’ve gotten costs for everything so we are able to see all our options side by side…..Now we just make the final decision!  Once we have done that I will make sure to share that with you all for sure!

During this process, we have found some of the prettiest country roads….I will be set on photography locations for quite some time!  Isn’t this one just magical?

Also, I ordered a few summer things from Target….I love this cute embroidered top so much, and these denim shorts.  They look short here, but they are a great length…I ordered up a size so they aren’t skin tight and it is the perfect fit.  🙂

And, I love this pink top from Target as well.  It is such a pretty color and perfect for my time working at home as well!

And, finally, Mother’s Day was all about spending time with these faces.  Being at home with them made my day extra special.


Almost 17 years of being a mama, and it brings me such great joy.

See you back here on Wednesday, friends! XOXO Narci


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  1. What a great weekend! Your pictures radiate fun, love… Excited to follow along on your new home search/research. Would you be open to purchasing/fixing up an existing home vs building a new custom home?


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