What’s Been Going On!

What’s been going on here?  Oh, just a little bit of this and that! 🙂

On Monday, we had the inspection for the new house, and this has me so incredibly excited!  Honestly, Rob and I were floored when we walked through this house, because it was almost the exact same plan that we had hoped to build, on the exact same lot size we wanted to buy, and finished out in mostly our dream finishes.  And, even so, in our downsize budget.  How on Earth???  Only God, y’all.  I could cry just thinking about it.  The good news is that there are a few fun projects here and there but the inside is completely move-in ready. I’m still in shock about it all.

I guess we really are moving to the country. 🙂

Also, all our current furniture and decor is going to be great for this space.  🙂  We are having to donate quite a bit since this house is so much smaller, but the style is not so far off from what we currently have.  I am so thankful that there’s no need to buy new things.   Another huge blessing.

Other than packing, we’ve been enjoying Drive-In church at our local football stadium

And, it’s finally summer over here!  Woohoo!  This has me so happy for our kiddos.  They were rock stars during home school, but no more AP tests or finals or book reports or zoom calls!

We officially have a senior, a 6th grader, and a 5th grader. 🙂

Also, these days are rainy days cuddled in bed . Presley and I spent Saturday morning outside in the drizzle and rain….

and changed into cozy jammies and snuggled in bed after we were done.

A bunch of you guys asked about this top on my stories last week.

And, I think you will love the boutique that I picked it up from. The name is 31 Roots, and their selection and inventory is PERFECTION.  All of their clothing is super on-trend…and the quality is on-point too.  I really can’t say enough nice things. Everything is so cute!  I don’t know about you, but I love supporting small businesses when I am able to during these times.

Here’s another one of their cute tops!

See what I mean? SO CUTE! So, go ahead and check them out, if you’d like to.  If you decide to shop, you can use the code: narci for 20% off or FREE shipping for any order over $50!

Ah, these are the days, friends.  See you back here on Friday for a fun house DIY.  I am super excited about this!  See you then! XOXO Narci

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    • Thank you so much! It’s not too far! ❤️💕 in a few weeks, I’ll be able to share more details about where. Thank You so much for sharing in this fun time with us. ❤️😍


  1. Wow what a testimony of God’s provisions to you in your family during this time of change. And your seeking, devotion and faithfulness to Him is so inspiring. Loving all the details you’re sharing about a new chapter in life. And congrats on your kids completion of the school year… it’s been tough. Happy summer!


  2. So exciting! How does the move affect your oldest son’s school district for his senior year? We would love to move but are so tied to school districts. Congratulations!


    • Thank you so much! Jackson is a senior so we have a lot of options available to him for that reason. 🙂 we are letting him decide what he’d like to do, but I’ll probably keep all that off here for his privacy. 😊


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