Outdoor Fun!

Do you know what my mind is on?  Outdoor seating, outdoor spaces, and all the room we will have at the new house. I thought it might be fun to share a few of the budget hacks that I’m using to create a really pretty space for us!  I know we all are planning on spending more time outside so I thought this might be useful for others too!

Since our yards have always been small, We’ve never had a great outdoor space that has allowed for meaningful outdoor time, so I am super excited for this at our new house.  I actually have been collecting outdoor furniture from friends as they decided to change to new furniture, so we are all set on that. We have a great table and chair set, and a few extra chairs and fire pit. What a great start, right? I’ll be spray painting all of those items for a fresh and clean look. Yay for design on a budget!

Also, our front porch is needing a great porch swing, so we are are planning on following this tutorial for a swing bed.

Isn’t their finished product so dreamy? I will definitely keep you posted on this project!

And, speaking of swinging, our awesome hammock chairs bit the dust this winter, so we are looking at these hammock chairs as a replacement followed spray painting the bases that we already own for a fresh look with a lower cost.  It should be so pretty!

I love this off white one as well.  I am going to put these around the fire pit with a few Adirondack chairs.

Another low-cost hack for inside!

We are moving our TV stand into the kitchen nook to act as a buffet, and these brushed gold handles will be so pretty to update it to a more modern look.

They are under $30 and will totally change this piece of furniture. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Can you tell that we are in full-on planning mode around here?  Also fun: I’m mapping out when the best time is to plant wildflowers and bluebonnets and patiently waiting to get baby chicks.  (I can’t wait for this!) What a FUN adventure ahead.

I hope you guys have a great weekend, friends. XOXO Narci


8 replies

  1. You are going to luv having chickens! So much personality! I got chicks after seeing all the cute coops on Pinterest and I will never not have them. I’m excited to see your new home — the sneak peek looks so wonderful!!! I had only one concern as I read your post today — fabric hammock chairs by a fire pit might be a fire hazard?!? Happy planning!


    • Ah! Yes, you are totally right! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I didn’t even think of that! My kids would totally find a way to swing them into the fire too. 🤣 I’ll put them somewhere else for sure. ❤️


  2. Did your house sell? It is so exciting planning for a new home. We live in the country and it really is beneficial for gardening & a little farm!! God is good!


  3. Such cute ideas! My parents made one of the swing beds years ago and it’s held up SO well! It’s always a family favorite anytime we go visit. Also, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! You are such a positive light and I love how real, honest and authentic you are. You’re truly an inspiration. Not to mention your testimony is amazing! I’m so excited for you for this new chapter! Have a great weekend, Narci!


  4. You are so doing the right thing. One thing this pandemic has taught me is to live more simply. Before this, I was a flowers only type of gardener and now I am looking into vegetables. You chose the perfect time to delve into the elegant but simplistic lifestyle. Less is more. I love your airy look and light colors also. On point and on trend.


  5. Happy holiday weekend. Love your ideas for your outdoor space, and on a budget. That touches my heart. I was going to mention the fabric chair near a fire pit, but another reader mentioned that. God bless.


  6. Love hearing all of your plans! I’ve always wanted one of those swing beds-you may have inspired me to take the plunge and try to make one : )

    Have a beautiful weekend!


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