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Happy Wednesday, y’all! I am so happy to be back with you and here today!  Did you notice that I changed the look around here ?  I just cleaned things up and added a few fun changes as this space evolves.  Thank you for being here!

In other news: we are three weeks from closing on our new house, and one of us will say something like “I can’t wait to move to the new house” at least once a day.  To say our family is excited is to put it lightly.

I’m being careful about what I share on here, because it’s not officially ours yet, right?   (I will sigh a HUGE sigh of relief on closing day when I don’t have to be so guarded.)  For now, here’s a quick picture from the road. 🙂

Here’s my precious realtor in front of our dream door. I still need someone to pinch me and tell me this is really happening.  

In other news, we are making our way through packing quite nicely!  Slowly but surely! 🙂 We’ve been tackling the worst places first.  You know: attic, garage, kitchen, closets.   

In the meantime, Luke graduated from 5th grade and is heading to middle school next year.  I am super excited for him!  This year, Luke settled into himself, gained so much confidence, and grew in so many ways..  We couldn’t be more thankful!

And, Miss Presley is off to be a big 5th grader.  She had a great year also! This girl gained so much confidence academically and is soaring.  What a blessing this has been for her.  

Their principal and teachers have been amazing.  We are so thankful!

And now?  It’s summertime for these guys and we are settling in nicely!

These are the days, y’all! See you back here on Friday! XOXO Narci

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  1. Love the picture of your new home and am very excited for you! Your kids are growing so quickly – cherish the time together, even through these times of changes.


  2. Your new house looks perfect! Is it a downsize for you or just a move out into the country? We are about to downsize and I can’t wait to get rid of so much stuff!!


    • Hi, Kari! It’s a definite downsize—it’s 60% of our current house size. Plus, we are moving to an area that has far lower taxes so we are saving there also. So thankful! We’ve been donating a ton of stuff and it has been so good! ❤️❤️❤️


  3. The house is GORGEOUS!!!! Is it brand new??? I can’t wait to see how you decorate it. Your taste is beautiful! Congratulations!!!!


    • Hi, Carlie! It is new construction. Just a cool example of God’s timing! 🙂 Someone else backed out of this house just before we went to look at it! So thankful!


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